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Thread: Ham radio and a Fixx song title? Who knew?

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    Ham radio and a Fixx song title? Who knew?

    Hey everybody!

    I'm here volunteering at the ham radio station at the Museum of Science & Technology, as I usually am on Saturdays. While here, I surf over to the Amateur Radio Relay League's web site to read their weekly newsletter. One of the features is a report on sunspot conditions (which affects ham radio communications), authored by Tad Cook. Every week, Tad gives himself a new nickname that's always a song title. Usually it has something to do with the sun, like "Here Comes The Sun" or "Sunshine Superman" or "Walking on The Sun".

    Well, you can imagine my pleasant surprise at his nickname this week:


    Spotmeister Tad "Saved By Zero" Cook, K7RA, Seattle, Washington, reports: So
    far this month we've observed nine days in a row with zero sunspots. Based
    on predicted smoothed sunspot numbers, if this month and the next are truly
    the solar minimum, we should probably see several weeks in a row with no

    More at

    I am just quivering with excitement! I know, I badly need to get a life I knew if there was anyone who would think this is as cool as I do, though, it would be you all!

    Have a Fixxy weekend! -C

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    Ha! Yes, that was cool......

    I take it that fewer sunspots would promote better reception?
    I don't "go through channels." I dig my own....

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    Actually, sunspots are good for radio communications, so technically, he's using the song title incorrectly. Oh well, at least he mentioned a Fixx song! The 11-year sunspot cycle is at its absolute minimum right now, but should start improving again, probably in a few months.

    Solar flares, on the other hand, cause problems.

    So, it depends on the solar phenomenon. C

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