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Thread: Bash is (Almost) Famous - Indy Racing Weekly

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    hi yah ..

    I sure have been ah little snot-head... I mean I didn't say much of nothing when I seen yah here at the last show & all.
    I was real upset about some stuff and in ALOT of pain .
    It was like I was being shocked by a tazer, some janky nerve stuff.
    and the work thing had me bummed out cause I liked my oher job as a security tech so much more ..well please don't think ill of me for being curt and all hella distent.

    0h - hey hey hey hey !!! how about that race'n stuff huh?
    They were whipping around right where I work !
    All the streets were set up for them and giant walk ways put in place so they were zip'n by under your feet and all ... and and if you wanted during the race when there was like an intermission YOU could pay them and get a ride around with them.. I swear it was wicked cool .. I had the day offf and heard that they have a 5 year contract to do it every year now ! well for those years to come that is ... and the crazy-assed kids on those bikes were jumping off ramps RIGHT in front of were I work all like a million feet in the air flipping around en Shhheeeeesh it was so freaky-cool..
    That Travis Pastrami KID is out-ah hand . I don't think he was here this year but maybe next... I actually hope not cause I don't want him to get hurt.

    any how .. I love yah much,

    I want you to be here for next years race with me if you can that would be Super-cool!
    I called Times 0ut !

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    STILL stuck in the water slide at the Vegas Hard Rock pool...
    Aw, Pipsqueak - we weren't offended, just a little concerned, 'cause we love ya back an' all, and want you to be happy. Hope things are looking up for you now!

    Hope to see you soon,
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    Now the fix(x), the fix(x) is in." - Elbow

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