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Thread: Song request for current tour

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    Song request for current tour

    Admittedly this is a shot in the dark, as I doubt the band will see this, but I am going to selfishly request a song for the summer tour, specifically the Las Vegas show.

    First a little background infos. Until last year, I had mostly known the band for their famous hit "One Thing Leads to Another". Then my girlfriend introduced me to the rest of their music and I discovered what you all already know -- The Fixx are a great and deep band with lots of great music. From what my girlfriend sent me to listen to, the song "Outside" became my stand out favorite. Ironically, this is also my girlfriend's favorite song by the Fixx, and my opinion was formed without bias from her -- I didn't find out until after I told her that was my fav that it was hers as well. She has been fortunate to see the Fixx a few times, including last year at the Hard Rock, Las Vegas. But the upcoming show at the Cannery in August will be my first opportunity to see the band. I'm quite stoked about that, to be sure.

    Right now I am a bit buzzed off of vodka and I am listening to some of my Fixx favorites. I would like to selfishly beg the band to play "Outside". The song is incredible. Cool ethereal keyboards (my first love are keyboards and synthesizers and electronic music), strong drum beat, impassioned vocals by Cy, and an absolutely sick guitar lead/solo by Jamie. I am happy to see that "Red Skies" (another of my favs) has been played on many recent shows, but please please please play "Outside" for this new Fixx fan!!


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    Outside flows in and out of the setlist like the tide- so "ya never know?" when it'll wash up ashore again...

    RedSkies? I'm willing to bet there hasnt EVER been a FIXX show played w/out redskies in the setlist as the show closer.... sometimes ya get bonus songs after r-skies too (laughing- the encore(s) ! )

    That would be like the world series without the national anthem! It just don't happen...
    "There can be no tradition without innovation."
    - Earle Hitchner, Irish music journalist

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    I second that motion for Outside!!! I love that song! Every band member's contribution to it so distinct...just clicks so well. Makes me happy just thinking about it.

    Btw, if a Fixx themed podcast was ever useful to marketing/publicity, Novanus would be the perfect guy to do it.

    Oops, did i say that? Oh yes i did. bwahaha.

    ~signed, Nova's gf

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    I've Seen It

    I've seen them do Outside, and it IS all that! It's truly worth the wait. It was never near the top of my faves UNTIL I saw them perform it live, although I forget where. NOW it is one of my faves!!

    Hope On....

    Dr. Roger

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    I've always thought that OUTSIDE would be fantastic live, and hoping I'll get to hear them do it one day too.

    Great suggestion!
    I am the winner in any event.

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    Okay there are a few -
    Sunshine in The Shade
    We Once Held Hands
    Saved by Zero (like the version on 25th Cd)
    Boots made for Walking
    Sweet Pandemonium
    Built for the Future

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    The Sign Of Fire seems like the next, logical surprise re-introduction to the set this fall. It was a single, after all. That one's gotten way too dusty.


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