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Thread: New Fixxture checking in...

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    New Fixxture checking in...

    Hi everyone...
    I am a new Fixxture, but a longtime Fixx fan (since I was 13, and am now 37!)
    I live in upstate NY, where I teach art, paint, and play guitar regularly at a local open mic once a week. I have seen the Fixx 3 times now at the Revolution Hall in Troy NY. The last 2 times I saw them with my girlfriend (who never really knew them before, and has become a HUGE Fixx fan as well), and the last time I saw them I got to meet them. They were all such great people! Got my picture with each of the guys, and they graced me with putting my review of the show,and some pictures I took, including one of me and Gary on the site. I was honoured. My love of this band has grown enormously since I first saw them at Troy and each time it has gotten stronger. Seeing them live is such a great experience!

    I recently got a tattoo of the cover of Phantoms, (my favorite Fixx album) and it came out awesome. (Looking forward to the next show so I can show the guys!) I will psot a picture of it at some point.

    As well as being a Fixx fan, I am also fanatic about David Bowie, and am a member of Bowienet. Any other Bnetters on these boards?

    Hoping to meet some fellow Fixxtures in the upstate area at the next Troy show (hope they keep the tradition going and play the Revolution Hall again in Nov.)

    Looking forward to talking...
    It takes more than a full tank of gas to drive away from the past...

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    Welcome aboard Rik!!
    From the point of ignition
    to the final drive
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    Welcome Rik, from another upstate New Yorker (outside of Syracuse)! I've newly rediscovered the Fixx, so have only been to the 7/7/07 Buffalo show so far, but have heard all about how cool Troy is from the other upstate NY Fixxtures (there's quite a few of us, they'll probably pop in and say hi)!

    I hear you on how awesome it is to meet the guys...I got very very lucky at the show (see the post on the Buffalo show if you care to read my story/see my pics).

    The tattoo sounds awesome! Bet the guys will think so, too!

    Hope to meet you somewhere in the fall, whether it be Troy or another location! Have fun on the board in the meantime!
    Maybe on course to the best yet!

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    Thanks for the welcome. Looking forward to getting to know fellow Fixxtures...
    I'm hoping to catch the guys at some other venues. I came real close to going to the Boston show, but I had to work early the next day, so I opted to wait for the Fall tour. If you can make it to Troy, it is well worth it. That place is such a great venue. I have the FixxStixx from the last show there and it is AMAZING. I can't wait for the new album...
    My tattoo is still healing, so as soon as it's done and looking good again I will post a pic. of it.

    It takes more than a full tank of gas to drive away from the past...

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    Always good to see new Fixxtures find our forum. Welcome Aboard Rik!!

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