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    Genesis Rush Van Halen

    This weekend I went through a concerts time machine. First, I gotta tell you, Genesis was everything I hoped it would be. I saw the show with 40,000 others in Montreal at the Big O, and the stadium presentation was incredible. Shame they can't duplicate the impressive scope of their show in arenas, but it's not to say anyone won't be impressed. As a side note to Montreal, talk about an audience that shows appreciation for musicians. It's been ages since I've heard such grandiose applause. I also caught Rush there the following day and again the audience was amazing. Cheers went on for minutes. To top it all off, I got back home today to see Van Halen's final rehearsal at the Los Angeles Forum. I'm still unhappy they replaced Michael Anthony with Eddie's son Wolfgang, but I have to say, they are going to pull this off. There's one giant screen behind the band and it worked nice. Both Dave and Eddie looked fit and trim and happy to be together on stage again. Here's their set list:

    You Really Got Me
    I'm The One
    Running With The Devil
    Romeo Delight
    Somebody Get Me A Doctor
    Beautiful Girls
    Dance The Night Away
    Atomic Punk
    Everybody Wants Some
    So This Is Love
    Mean Street
    Oh Pretty Woman
    drum solo
    Unchained (Wolfgang says "Come on Dave, gimme a break")
    I'll Wait
    And The Cradle Will Rock
    Hot For Teacher
    Little Dreamer
    Little Guitars
    Jamie's Cryin'
    Ice Cream Man (Dave tells a great story about growing up)
    guitar solo (incl "Women In Love" "Cathedral" "Eruption")
    Ain't Talkin' Bout Love

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    wow great review thanks alot i only saw rush out of the three and they were excellent!!! i heard some live songs from genesis on 97 rock after the concert here at hsbc and they sounded great too. hope to see van halen but i don't think they are coming to buffalo so glad they are getting along so far! dee

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    How in the heck did you pull off the VH gig!
    Great set list!
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    Ed sounds like you had yourself a busy but fantastic trip in your musical time machine....after seeing the set list I HAVE to see VH
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    That looks like a great setlist, I can't wait to see if VH come over to Europe
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    Wow Ed !

    That's Our FixxMaster Ed....

    Great review Ed ! I hope you can come up here if and when they play Oakland or San Jose. If not, I'd love to join you down there. Glad Canada was all you hoped it would be. Did your friend enjoy it as well?

    Regarding the applause, hopefully all audiences will appreciate them as much, I know I would be! What a set list!

    I'm watching for the Zepplin dates and surely including you in my ticket hunt. See you soon my friend!

    Dr. Roger

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    I'm insanely jealous about you catching the VH rehearsal.

    U *******!!

    That setlist is killer. I just gotta put that together somehow. I'll make a show ... I don't know how yet, but I'll make a show.

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