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Thread: Downloading shows from here would be cool

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    Downloading shows from here would be cool

    Listening to a live show from a fixx stick right at the moment I was thinking about how cool it would be to download a selection of the shows from here - Exactly the same high quality taken straight from the sound desk for our fixx sticks.

    I saw this on the page of crowded house. Lots and lots of shows. . Packages for a special price possible.

    Don't geat me wrong. The Sticks are great. It's just to have a different way to get a show directly in your living room.

    Just my two cents. Maybe Ed or Steve can say something about this.

    Take care + stay tuned!
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    This is something I've wanted to do for a while here. New Wave Outpost has a great thread on its forum called Obscure80's Central, and the members upload rare new wave records/bootlegs that aren't commercially available. The mods there are very good about keeping music off the site that is available for sale anywhere. It's a great way for people to discover music they never knew existed, and some real gems get shared there. Of course, the files aren't shared on the actual board. Links are provided to sites such as RapidShare, SendFile, ZShare, etc. Usually albums are bundled up as .zip or .rar files. I'm a big believer in sharing completely obscure, unavailable music this way. The site also keeps its eyes open for re-issues, as a lot of old new wave albums are finally seeing the light of day. It's a great site that looks out for the artists' best interests.

    I think something like that could work here, pending the band's approval. I have a lot of live Fixx recordings that I wouldn't mind sharing (excluding ZooBrew of course), and I'm sure some of us have some mixes or rariites that might not be available on Steve Pariseau's site (though he covers most of them!). I think it would be a very cool addition to the forum, and I'm sure there are some Fixxtures here that don't have Electric Ladyland 91, or WW1 89, and they deserve to hear these recordings. I know there's always the old-fashioned way of mailing CD-R's, and that's a little more 'off the radar', but if we're only sharing out-of-print vinyl tracks, or live recordings that are commercially unavailable, then why not?


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    I would also support this idea. WW1 and KBFH vinyl can be hard and expensive to come by and I believe there is only 1 KBFH CD release....the rest are all exclusive to vinyl with the exception of radio promo CD's that aren't of retail lineage. FLAC uploads would be a MOST wonderous thing......for ALL, even if a small donation was optional to help with costs of the board and any/or all other possible promotions made possible by such and idea.

    Just my 2 cents.......

    We can hope and dream.


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    Shawn, check your PM.


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