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Thread: Spamers on mySpace

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    Spamers on mySpace

    I guess Spamers are on me at mySpace. The latest comments and vidoes are not postet by myself. I apologize and say sorry.
    Changed my password and hope that helps. No worries please!

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    Looks like they got Cy too

    I got a comment on my page saying something weird like meet local singles from his profile. So what you need to do, Heimo, is change your password, upgrade to Explorer 7, and use one that isn't so predictable, like a combination of numbers and letters.

    Is isn't the first time spammers have hacked profiles.
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    Yeah, yesterday I checked my Myspace page and it said the same thing about local singles, it was wierd.

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    thanks for the tips anyway Heimo ,my lovelife has perked up loads more since you sent me that ,those singles girls are crazzzeeee mate.

    your gratefull friend


    ps your tips were much better than the video Cy sent me.

    Dave Snakey

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