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Thread: Your Musical Talent?

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    I'm another long-time fan new to this site. I've seen the band in concert several times. What have inspired me most about The Fixx are the rich lyrics, socially charged and sometimes poetically oblique, powered by innovative music.

    Back a decade or two ago, I wrote prolifically and performed around the New England area. I had attempted to be a one-man Fixx with an acoustic guitar. I mostly received strange looks from the audience.

    In 1993, I finally acquired the technology to record my songs the way I imagined them. The last recording I made was an homage to The Fixx, with most of the songs inspired by various Fixx songs. In fact I made a recording called "The Fixx Correlation" that I gave to the musicians who worked with me, so they could get where I was coming from.

    Those of you who are curious can find the songs here:

    One of them, Still I Walk, has a pretty straightforward derivation.

    The songs of The Fixx have been and continue to be a wonderful source of inspiration for me (especially the Walkabout album). Thanks for all the years of great music, and I look forward to many more.

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    Thanks for sharing! I can definitely relate to your words, and enjoy the music and its influence

    Your voice reminds me a lot of Al Stewart''ve probably heard that before!

    Welcome to the board; hope to see you again soon.
    Maybe on course to the best yet!

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    Musical Talent ?

    Music runs in my family. I was the lead singer in my high school rock band, covering Lynard Skynyrd, Cream, etc. Then I lost my voice in my 30's. Now I can just introduce bands and work the crowd.

    My mother was a singer in Bob Hope's USO Army show. Her brother, my uncle Jack, was in Jackie Gleason's orchestra, I used to see him on TV as a child. His son, my cousin George, is now a professor of music at NYU, and he's the conductor of the Riverside Philharmonic Orchestra in New York. So it's all around me, but I lost it.....

    Great to read all about your talents !

    Dr. Roger

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    Originally posted by Carrie Your voice reminds me a lot of Al Stewart''ve probably heard that before![/B]
    I've been told a lot of things, but never that one! That's quite a compliment, thank you.

    I've slowly been building myself a new studio and will gradually return to writing and producing again. And I'll be lurking around here, too.

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    "Si quaeris peninsulam amoenam, circum spice"
    I run in more of a classical direction, having had a public school education in band playing clarinet mostly, also bassoon and oboe, a little sax. I haven't kept up in awhile again, altho I played a few times in the church we used to go to years ago (before the pagan broke free...)

    A year or two ago, hubby Mark talked me into "bang(ing) on the drums [all day]" altho I'm not very consistent. I just got done struggling with a couple tough semesters at school, prepping to someday get into an x-ray tech program, so everything else has pretty much been on hold. But I just took a music appreciation course, during which we listened to an interesting clarinet solo piece that renewed my desire to pick back up the old 'licorice stick' and get the chops back into shape, as well as beating the skins with my honey!! (well, hmmmm -- don't know how 'family friendly' that sounded!! )

    The really talented one in the family is Mark, however. If only I could convice him of that..... He's been playing guitar & keyboards (primarily - he has done some branching out as well, a bit of sax and the drums as well, also ocarina and who knows what else!) He's a VERY talented song-writer and is getting ready to release an awesome summer song from his former band, Earthbound ( They've actually been un-formed (?) for lots of years, but he & his friend who is also a former member took a song Mark wrote and reworked it so they can release it. I can't wait til it comes out!! It really paints a great pic of what we've been waiting all this long long is-it-ever-gonna-end winter!

    And my son is very active in the punk scene, having had several bands in the metro Detroit area...he just informed me tonight the current one will be in studio this weekend!

    Ok, I guess I made a short story long -- again!!

    Explain the cosmic forces to me.....

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    I just sing

    Well kind of a stranger here. Hello to everyone. I love singing and The FIXX does come out natural to me.

    I first listened to the band with "SECRET SEPARATION" in the late eighties but it's just up untill a month ago that I came to posses their entire music collection, so I'm sort of rediscovering the band at the moment.

    By the way, I'm looking for: "Taking the long way home" lyrics,but so far no luck.

    Can anybody help me out here please ?


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    Well...i would have to say i formerly played guitar. Church (in the day when i was in it), high school jazz band, garage band, for myself...

    Despite the fact that i really wanted to get back into it, i never seem to have the time. What time i do have seems to be focused on lab work or errands or who knows? where does the time go?

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