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Thread: Bret Michaels...The Concert and TV Show

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    Bret Michaels...The Concert and TV Show

    It's now 7:30 a.m. and I don't even know how or why I'm awake after the concert last night. I got home at 3:00 a.m. for a very good reason... let me elaborate.

    I had one of the most amazing times at a concert last night. Bret Michaels and his band were FANTASTIC, and me not being a fan of Poison in the day says alot. Bret is simply the "Elvis" of the MTV/VH1 era. They were tight musically, they had the "look" with the eye make up, clothes, props, etc. Bret is by far the nicest, most respectful, truly caring rock star I've ever met except for our guys The Fixx naturally.

    They played all the Poison hits, and his new stuff, actually, the songs didn't matter as long as Bret was out front and center. The crowd reaction was a cross between Tom Jones and Elvis performing in front of the women, complete with business cards, panties, love notes, hotel room keys flying up to Bret from his adoring female fans. I guess the Rock of Love TV show has really put him on the map, and I must have said it a thousand times last night that JANUARY 13th is the next season of that show!!! I said this as I was standing next to Bret on the meet and greet line. I helped him with taking pictures, spreading out T shirts for him to sign, trying to rush along the lines of fans waiting to meet him. This was part of my job.

    The amazing thing for me to see was that he did the meet and greet for 2 and a half hours! He made sure that EVERY fan had a moment with him. They only sold $ 5.00 pictures, so it surely wasn't for the merch profits. Bret really cared for each and every fan. He amazed me time after time as he spoke to everyone, the women who said " I tried out for your show" he replied with, "too bad you didn't get in as you are beautiful" and he left them speechless, enamored, and feeling totally beautiful. It didn't matter if the woman was young, old, fat, skinny, hot, or not, he treated them all the same, with a picture pose, a hug, and a kiss. I was impressed and amazed.

    So the reason I got home so late is because of the meet and greet time he allowed for his fans, a truly noble cause. I did get to hang with him for most of the night before and after the show, and he is a really nice guy, a true gentleman. I had a front row seat at a table at the stage. When I saw a wheelchair bound woman trying to get closer, I went to her (she had crutches too), helped her through the crowd, and gave her my seat right there. Bret saw this and commented to me that " That was a very nice thing to do". He then sang a few lines of Every Rose directly to her, and gave me a wink and nod. I felt like a good deed was done and noticed.

    At the meet and greet, he made sure to have her park her wheelchair behind the table with him and I for the duration! I took pictures for her and she also got a drumstick and other keepsake items.

    I did get a chance to talk to him about The Fixx (he LOVES the Fixx), and I got a small surprise for MUSEGIRL, as I told him that she is a fan of his and the show, and that she helps with the Cy and the Fixx in many untold ways.

    So, MUSEGIRL, please PM your mailing address to me..... and to all, Bret Michaels say HELLO to all the FIXX fans !! What a great night, a great show, a great showman, and above all, a great gentleman.

    Tomorrow night is Terri Clark.................

    All The Best,

    Dr. Roger

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    Hey Dr. Roger, that's quite a story!!

    I can see that Bret really has a winning way with people, especially the ladies. But panties and room keys? Oh my!!

    And that 2 1/2-hour Meet-And-Greet, plus the magnificent way he treated the lady in the wheelchair, that was just flat-out first class!!

    Thanks for the post, and try to get some rest, OK?


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    Talking Yeah!

    Now, see, this is what I'm talking about! Been a Poison fan since Day 1, and now I'm really regretting I missed the July show!!!!!!!!!! Due to meeting w/my landlord, I whiffed the show (FREE tickets from attending the Lep show June 30th and I am so PISSED!!!!) and a real treat! Talk about a woman feeling like she missed something!

    Always loved Bret! Fantastic that he's a fan of the Fixx just like us!
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