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Thread: Some Fixx CDs missing on Napster & ITunes

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    Some Fixx CDs missing on Napster & ITunes

    Anyone have any idea why both Napster and ITunes do not have any tracks available from "Shuttered Room", "Phantoms", "Calm Animals" and "Want That Life"?

    Although some songs from these albums *are* available since they appear on some available compilation CDs but most you just can't get at all such as the original hit versions of "Stand or Fall", "Red Skies" and "Driven Out".

    It seems odd that these hits are not available online. I would think many people discovering the band for the first time would employ Napster or ITunes to find these tracks.

    Does the band have any say in this?
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    Yes, the band does have say.
    This isn't the time to discuss this. Lets just say if all goes by agreement as it stands, we'll see absent albums on iTunes after the new year.
    Meanwhile, Universal Music have NOT cleared any of the Fixx recordings they own, allowing them to be played on the MySpace player. That's why you hear our own live recordings of "One Thing," et al. We have, however, continued seeking their permission and won't give up.
    Such is the business. We are managing everything as best we can.
    Nothing is as important to the band as T O D A Y -- writing and recording new material; Playing shows this Summer. Allow us to work through 2008. Then, we'll party like it's Two-thousand Nine.

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