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Thread: Happy Birthday to Stuart

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    Cool Happy Birthday to Stuart

    I hope you are still enjoying your birthday weekend. I am still "green" with envy as you are getting to see Mike Peters for St. David's Day! Most importantly, your birthday! I hope it is special as you are indeed a special person that I am so happy to get to know over this past year. Maybe one day we will get to meet in person. Thank you for your gift of friendship!
    As I said in my E-mail to you, I will say it or shall I say write it because I sure as heck can't pronounce any of the words ( can you tell I am trying to learn Gaelic? and also don't know where accent marks are on this keyboard, so forgive me!) La Breithe faoi Shonas Duit! Fad saol agat!
    okay so if I am correct, I wished you a Happy Birthday and a long life!
    Do you and your family speak Gaelic? I never did ask that and am curious.
    Hugs - Sherri

    P.S. - I think on Sunday I may be hungover so I thought I would write this (oh wait it is Sunday - lol! at 12:30 a.m. Duh! Drank and danced my *** off all night. A nice party but a few tough moments as my grandfather melted down about my grandmother and her sickness and my cousin's never wed parents telling me their dark secrets. I guess I am the type people trust but I was not ready for some of it so I got my self into party mode! It was at an engagement party and I realized I drank a bottle of wine, and 3 different types of shots! I had fun but I'm sure after I wake up, I will have a date with the porcelain godess! Thank God my bathroom floor has a heatmat under the tile - lol! If I am not back until Monday here, have a gr8t weekend!

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    Stuart, my friend!
    Best Birthday Wishes from germany.
    Hope all is well with you and don't forget that we still got to have some pints of lager together in london.

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    Hey Stuart!!

    So glad to celebrate your birthday with you here!!

    And greetings to your lovely family there in Wales!!


    I don't "go through channels." I dig my own....

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    Happy Birthday Stuart! I hope you are enjoying it, best wishes from sunny Southern California!


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    Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes, last night was truly amazing, best part of 2 and a half hour set

    video here from last night's show, not taken by me by the way.

    Opening with Spirit and encoring with Love Hope Strength followed by Rocking in the Free World, accompanied on stage with former Stereophonics drummer, Stuart Cable and his band Killing For Company. Think I got the set list in right order.

    Spirit Of 76
    Unsafe Building
    The Stand
    Reason 41
    Across The Border
    For Freedom
    Where Were You Hiding When The Storm Broke
    Third Light
    Tell Me
    The Deceiver
    Absolute Reality
    Dawn Chorus
    Walk Forever By My Side
    Hallowed Ground
    Rain In The Summertime
    One Step Closer To Home
    Rescue Me
    Sold Me Down The River
    The Rock
    Love Don't Come Easy
    No Frontiers
    A New South Wales
    Moments In Time
    Marching On
    Blaze Of Glory
    Moments In Time [reprise]
    Love Hope Strength
    Rocking In The Free World (with Killing For Company)
    Stuart at the Welsh Connection

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    I'd say that I hope your birthday is Fixxy and full of everything you enjoy, but since there's been such big Fixx news of late, and there's already proof you had fun, I'll say I'm glad you enjoyed it instead!

    Happy Birthday!
    Maybe on course to the best yet!

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    happy bday man!!!!!!!!!!!

    hope u had a blast!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Cool Glad it was fun!

    Thanks Stuart for sharing Mike Peters set list! Sounds like it was an awesome show!

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    WHATT?!?!?!?! Another birthday? I'm sure he had one last year as well!!
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