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Thread: Love Hope Strength Foundation Everest Rocks Prayer Flag Ceremony

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    Love Hope Strength Foundation Everest Rocks Prayer Flag Ceremony

    The Everest Rocks Prayer Flag ceremony film is now ready to view here click on the highlighted 'film' word to view it.

    Quite a lot of people paid for a flag to be put on everest base camp gig and the names are running underneath during the clip.

    Its a great film - please enjoy it.

    Thanks for your support

    Love Kxx

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    Awesome...nice to see Jamie accompanying on guitar! And was that our Cy playing tennis in the background? or being the loudest whistler?

    Great job, all!
    Maybe on course to the best yet!

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    Great film, I just watched it! I even found myself singing along with it. Thanks Katrina for putting this up for us to see!

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    My pleasure xxxx

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