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Thread: Happy Birthday Michael J. Fox

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    Happy Birthday Michael J. Fox

    The greatest film star Michael J. Fox got 47 on June 9, and he is still brave on his battle against Parkinson. We hope Mike keeps fighting and looking for help to his family, friends, fans, etc.
    "Remember me when I'm gone
    Remember my breathing
    Remember my eyes
    Remember my wings
    Remember my swan song
    Remember me when I'm gone
    I would have loved to die in your arms"

    - Cy Curnin, "Remember Me When I'm Gone"

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    I also think MJF is great

    I love the movies "The Secret of My Success" and "The Hard Way" with James Woods. I wish they still made movies like those. Fox is just a great guy who's fun to watch on the little or big screen.

    I'm drivin' in my car, I used to be able to walk this far

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    Michael J. Fox is awesome! I especially love all the Back To The Future films and Doc Hollywood! I have been watching re-run after re-run of Spin City too!

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