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    Better Off Dead

    It's been a while since I've posted, but I just saw Better Off Dead, a movie from the mid 80's, and heard the song at the end by Cy. Has that one ever been played live by the band; it was the first time I had heard it and it sounded pretty good.

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    That is one of the best soundtracks I have ever heard. I had it on cassette and who knows what happened to it. I have looked and I can't find a CD of it anywhere on the web. Cy and JWO are on other tracks as well as Rupert Hine who produced Reach the Beach and I think Phantoms. Terri Nunn from Berlin sings "Dancing in Isolation". What a great voice. If you Youtube her, she recently covered Olivia Newton John's "Magic" in an acoustic set with Dave Navarro. She sounds great. Berlin and the Fixx were my favorites in the 80's and still take up a big segment of my ipod storage.

    Better Off Dead is one heck of a funny movie as well.

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    The song is "With One Look (The Wildest Dream)", a Rupert Hine track with Cy guesting, and The Fixx have never played it live (though I've certainly campaigned for it, great encore material that the crowd would probably love). The whole soundtrack was essentially written by Rupert Hine and Jamie West-Oram, including "Dancing In Isolation" by Terri Nunn. The soundtrack needs to be re-issued, it's been out of print for years now. Personally, I'd like to see a 2-CD edition that includes songs not on the original soundtrack, though it would require some licensing. Songs by Muddy Waters, Van Halen, Howard Jones, Jimi Hendrix, and Frank Sinatra were not included on the original LP/CASS/CD release. There's also the songs playing on Lane's car radio - Hall and Oates, Paul Simon, Neil Sedaka, one other I can't think of. I have a custom compilation in a folder of the complete soundtrack (in movie sequence, in true geek fashion).


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    The soundtrack is available, at a price:

    I've been lurking...

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    WOW! I bought this cd a couple years ago for $9.99. Sure am glad I did. Amazing how high priced some out of print cds can be.

    The best two tracks are the Cy and Rupert Hine tracks. It's a good cd but has a few instrumentals and some very cheesy 80's tracks. Still recommend it though.

    I agree the Fixx should play this song as an encore. Bands play covers all the time and this would be more Fixx related than a cover. I have this song on my Fixx Greatest Hits CDR.

    $22 isn't all bad. I've seen the same cd for $70.

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    On a related note, does anyone have any of Rupert Hine's "Thinkman" albums and, if so, would you recommend them? Does Jamie have some happening parts on the tracks he's on?

    ...pretty interesting that Julian Clary was part of the "virtual" band.

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