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Thread: Happy Birthday December Peeps Yay

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    Happy Birthday December Peeps Yay

    I just wanted to send some love to some December Peeps for their Birthdays. Yaaaayyy. Sagitarrius love whooohooo.

    Happy Birthday to you
    may you all have a fantastic and fun celebration with family and friends.
    Lots of good eats and good cheer. Magic all around you. Good health, all the happiness that your hearts can hold. May all you dream of come true.
    Love and peace to you and yours, have a Very Happy Birthday, and rockin holiday season.

    Shannon Noel

    Dont forget to send Cy some love too....our resident Sagitarrian.

    Love you Cy. Happy Birthday to you too!!
    "Irish Yoga- Brilliant. Quote of the F*ing Year"!! Cy Curnin

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    happy birthday to all you december babies!!! hope you all have a great birthday !! dee happy birthday to cy also you rock!!! dee
    music junkie!!

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