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Thread: Cy Curnin's Home

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    Cy Curnin's Home

    Hi everyone!
    Check out’s “At Home with…” series where I found a profile about Cy Curning and other celebrities who bring you inside their homes to discuss their remodels, renovations, DIY projects, green lifestyles, design and décor projects, and more.

    There are lots of neat tips that these celebrities give!

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    Cy's house is big and beautiful.
    "Remember me when I'm gone
    Remember my breathing
    Remember my eyes
    Remember my wings
    Remember my swan song
    Remember me when I'm gone
    I would have loved to die in your arms"

    - Cy Curnin, "Remember Me When I'm Gone"

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    That's another daydream vacation I have - for Dan and I to go to France and stay at Cy's B & B. Lest Cy freak that Scarrie may be coming to stay, however, I'll reassure him that a) I need to get in a LOT better financial shape before it happens, b) I have to convince Dan to travel to Europe again, and c) Dan's work has veto power/control over vacation abroad, so we're talking a major celestial alignment.

    But the daydream's cool...
    Maybe on course to the best yet!

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