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Thread: Cy live in Glasgow

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    Cy live in Glasgow

    Great show at the ABC2 last night - the venue is warm & intimate, holds 350 and was pretty much full. We were sitting on leather benches close to the stage - great to be able to relax with a Guinness & soak up the atmosphere!

    Cy played 6 songs, the 1st of which I didn't know ("Save Yourself"? Something like that in Am anyway). The others were:

    Fatal Shore
    Remember Me When I'm Gone
    Square One
    The Returning Sun

    Cy went down very well and his wit & self-deprecating humour were much enjoyed by everyone. He described himself as "Nick's fluffer" , joked that he'd lost his setlist but these days it's, "easy to write, harder to read" and also pointed out that it's hard having to play guitar when he's used to being a spoilt singer..."last on, first off".

    All in all, a fantastic experience and I hope he made some new fans. He certainly deserved to.
    The world will always turn, with or without your point of view...

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    Cy is so funny.
    "Remember me when I'm gone
    Remember my breathing
    Remember my eyes
    Remember my wings
    Remember my swan song
    Remember me when I'm gone
    I would have loved to die in your arms"

    - Cy Curnin, "Remember Me When I'm Gone"

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    I figured you'd be at that show - thought of you when I heard he was playing there! Thanks for the review!
    Maybe on course to the best yet!

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    Nice one Robert glad you got to see the show.Spot on with Cys humor ,does give the show an extra dimension.Cy was contemplating playing Fatal shore and Life goes on at Chester but its at least 20 yards from the bar to the stage and they seemed to get lost in transit .
    No complaints and looks like you got treated to a great show to.Thanks for the review.

    Dave Snakey

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