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Thread: The Pickens Plan

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    Thumbs up The Pickens Plan

    Carl Pope, Executive Director of the Sierra Club, put it best when he recently said . . . to put it plainly . . .

    T. Boone Pickens is out to save America!!

    Who's in??

    I joined last week.
    ~Bathe In A Turning Tide~

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    ( public research information group )
    are direct aff. with them
    & such can get X-cut throat..
    They have been under invest. for their ties with the
    env. ter. group "Elves"
    oddly enough the name of the group Jane Fonda was said to of started back durn
    the protest era...
    way to sticky even 4 this whack-job.
    I called Times 0ut !

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    many criminal (manimals) are getting caught with there hands in the cookie jar..
    as america goes down in flames economically .. but we can take hope in god or the phoenix as we all will soon see it RISE FROM THE FLAMES

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