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Thread: Happy Birthday Jeanne Thelen - 2009

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    Hi Jeanne

    You and I have been through a bunch of road trips now and other roads in life as well. Wishing you the best my friend. Hoping you have a good year.


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    hi jeanne hope you had a great birthday!!!
    music junkie!!

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    Happy Birthday and have a great day! Cheers

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    I'm late, as usual... DOH!!

    Happy belated birthday!
    "Out there, there must be aliens
    Who donít believe in aliens
    Somewhere. Believe"
    -Cy Curnin, "We Might Find It" (The Returning Sun)

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    Sorry I'm late, I hope your birthday was a happy one!

    Hoping a Fixx show in your near future!

    Best wishes,
    Bunny and Tom

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    Hey Jeanne, I hope you had a very special birthday!


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    Thank you for all the kind wishes....

    Thanks Kim... Yeah.... My personal trainer is kicking my #$* 3 times a week....and I just signed up for I think I may be heading into insanity with this birthday...LOL!!! It was bound to happen...and I just got off the mountain from an early morning hike by myself despite the fact that my personal trainer informed me he saw a rattlesnake last weekend ......YIKES!!!! But I over came all in the name of enjoying how beautiful it is here... there is something to be said about being in nature, early in the morning, alone with your thoughts that bring you peace and serenity.....
    You pass like the moon in silence
    In the warm flooded air
    Looking back to those lost opportunities
    So often missed or ignored
    A thousand times I start heading for the dawn
    Only to turn around and face this rue once more
    There 's something ahead of you
    Cy Curnin

    Don't die, with your music still inside of you.

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