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Thread: Solar Minimum - Fresh Opinions

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    Hi guys and gals,
    I'm enjoying reading all the Solar Minimum reviews. I'm now over here in Canada, waiting for my CD copy to arrive. Can't wait to see the finished package. Lisa's kindly sent some copies for me.
    The new IT album is all finished and off to press. It's been a solid 6 months of work for me. Now it's time to enjoy the finished albums.
    Speaking of which..... we've been making progress with the new Fixx album. Adam, Dan and Rupert were in the studio a few weeks ago doing drum tracks. Well Adam was, the rest of us were shooting suggestions and ideas. It's amazing how much 'space' an acoustic drum kit brings to the tracks. Very exciting stuff!...... for a producer anyway. lol.
    Anyway, I'm sure everyone seeing the Fixx this summer will have a blast. Unfortunately, I'm just too far away from any of the dates and working here to go. Next time.
    Thanks again for your reviews, it's always nerve racking wondering how it'll be received. But I'm glad everyone is enjoying it.

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    Glad to have you with us, Nick!
    Solar Minimum seems to touch all of us in a special way. It is getting much more reviews and attention then "Mayfly" and "Returning Sun".
    Thanks again!
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    thanks for the update Nick,looking forward to the IT album ,hopefully as good as the free download you did which was stunning.

    Dave Snakey

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    London, UK


    Many thanks guys!

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    A sort of place you don't often find. A quiet room to go out of your mind.
    K- ready to pick my favorite on this one. It Finds You- this is what would be/should be used in any promos. (Did I just say that with authority or what?). Anyway, I also love My Sweet Life. I agree with the Cash-ish feel of The Other Side of the Story. Because I like this song so much, may have to go out and snag something from the Man in Black now. I also agree with Kim- moody is as far as Iíll go. This record is indeed a beautiful work of art. Gotta give props to the violins- they are beautiful- sorrowful, but itís a soul-stirring instrument- why we hear them so much in film scores. Brilliant touch.

    Anyone else feeling a little Floyd as you get deeper into Silent Chains (is it Division Bell?- or The Wall, Momentary- need to do more digging)? I love that! I also like that Cy was willing to let this record be what it is. Look what happened when Pink Floyd let it all out for The Wall. And we wouldnít even have a Blues genre if everyone wrote for Parrot Heads (no slight intended to my party pals).

    If you havenít already, listen to this CD with headphones to catch it all. Then play it again without -so your neighbors will catch on. Support the cause.

    I don't know what I just said or why.

    From my heart & from my hand
    why don't people understand my intention
    -Weird Science

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    Everyone's comments are so thoughtful. I'm glad the record is inspiring them.

    One request...if you really like the record, do get the word out. Visit sites where it is for sale and leave some input. Amazon. Itunes. Soon CDBaby. eMusic. Rhapsody. Napster. Your support is most appreciated.

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    Originally posted by spin it
    aww mate just read this ,can you do it in half an hour.?
    sorry mate, I must have just missed you
    From the point of ignition
    to the final drive
    the point of the journey
    is not to arrive
    anything can happen

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    But while I have heard the new CD, I have to tell you my first thought was that you can tell he lives in France, and hangs out with a lot of local musicians, it has rubbed off onto him.
    The sound reminds me of French music I have heard all my life, the kind I would buy to keep up on my French skills but always felt like the music was in another genre that didn't quite fit my American lifestyle. This is what I get from Solar Minimum. It has that French folk feel to it, and I'm just surprised he's actually singing in English.
    I am the winner in any event.

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    That's an interesting observation. Can I ask of some names of French musicians that it reminds you of? Genuinely curious.

    Still absorbing this. It will probably not be the one I skip hop my way through making dinner with, as I did with Returning Sun, but I like the previous descriptive of it as "late night" music. I didn't really take tragic from it either, but definitely found it a bit ruminative and brooding, perhaps even rueful, maybe less inspirational or optimistic, which is a trait I associate (correctly or not) with Cy. It Finds You grew on me very quickly. I'm still warming up to some of the others, and am enjoying some of the opinions of them here.

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    Originally posted by hazelnut
    That's an interesting observation. Can I ask of some names of French musicians that it reminds you of? Genuinely curious.
    That's hard to do since I grew up hearing French music often while I was not often aware of the artist singing, nor was I usually interested in pursuing them. However I went to Youtube to see what I could dig up, and I found some similar sounding styles that remind me of what Cy reminds me of, and these would be about as close as I could come up with, not even saying that they sound like Cy, but l'esprit is there:

    Leo Ferre's La Mer:

    Leo Ferre's Solitude(several versions available):

    and this Edith Piaf wanna-be gal in an odd way, at least with that piano and the bare essence of nothing much else going on but raw vocals:

    I doubt anyone else will get this, but that's just me.
    I am the winner in any event.

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    Sorry I didn't mean to put you on the spot! Thanks for the links. I think I understood what you meant about being reminded of a general vibe or sound- I was just curious. I know nothing about types of French music but used to love Edith Piaf and via a friend stumbled upon Charles Aznavour in my 20s. That was so not my typical cup of tea then, but I loved it anyway. He may be older and completely different than what you meant though. Anyway...sorry to sidetrack!

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    I got the CD today, along with a Love Hope Strength bracelet.

    I've been listening to the CD, and I loved it. The songs are cool, so, I'm enjoying with Cy's songs. I'm listening the album in my Sony CD Walkman player.

    What can I say?

    Solar Minimum is amazing.
    "Remember me when I'm gone
    Remember my breathing
    Remember my eyes
    Remember my wings
    Remember my swan song
    Remember me when I'm gone
    I would have loved to die in your arms"

    - Cy Curnin, "Remember Me When I'm Gone"

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    Just got the cd a few days ago (along with some LHS bracelets) and couldn't wait to start playing it. After hearing the whole album twice now, I agree with many of you that this is totally different from Cy's previous two solo albums and so far I'm hearing a more personal and deeper side of Cy that none of us has ever heard before. It's almost like we are a part of his thoughts as his lyrics flow through with passion. I'm sure after hearing it a few more times, I could mention more but for now, this is a great start to another great album to add to the Cy collection.

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    Just heard Solar Minimum...actually listening to it for the second time.

    Lyrics....Once again...BRILLIANT.... emotive...vulnerable...touched a nerve in me... and my in heart... as always, Cy's poetry moves me to being almost speechless, to his views and insights....

    Upon my first listen... I actually thought that this CD was reflecting an end of a personal relationship...

    "The Weight" put tears in my eyes....because in my mind I was envisioning a father telling his child why things are not working between his/her parents...but he will always be there no matter what.

    and "Sail" lead me to believe that there is always one more chance to turn things about... no one knows where we are going in a personal realtionship...that it is always a risk... a leap of faith...and something that I personally have failed at in my own relationships.. but am working hard to correct...

    "Trust with your heart...not your head"

    Sometimes it our ties to the past, disapointments and false expectations that we put upon one another that keeps us polarized..... and to let go... and just go with it... take the risk... you can not see why worry??? Just sail with it.

    "itís time to leave these shallow waters
    all my illusions mixed up and good intentions wasted
    canít second guess whatís coming
    if I could just get out of these shallow waters

    Come on baby sail, sail the winds with me now
    escape it and how
    who knows why and where weíre going
    sail, point your nose to the bow
    cause ten years from now
    who knows where weíll be"

    Change is always a relationship or life... and it is how we handle it... or grow with our partner and accept that matters....

    Cy once said to me, after a personal situation in my life... " that all we have is now" because it is true.. you do not know where you will be 10 years from now... let alone tomorrow.... so you may as well jump and take the lessons as they matter how painful.. for their is an opportunity for growth.

    As I said, I orginally thought that this CD may have been about a personal realationship..( I may be somewhat right???)...but upon the second listen and reading the lyrics... I feel that it is reflecting a much bigger picture... about the world.. about facing where you are in your personal life and the illusions we create when we are young are not the ones that we will have as we mature and face the second half of our lives, our ambitions...whether realized, lost, or still in the works....about the stamp or legacy will leave behind.. no matter how big or insignificant we think it may be.....the world around us and the craziness that surrounds us these days....and how it will be better in the end...and what is our part in that process.

    "I am changed, still the same,
    ingrained patterns fade
    I worked my way round it
    backwater the peaceful life..
    you donít find it, it finds you

    to reach the safer shore
    we battle through the waves now
    on the beach of understanding
    compassion fruit for all
    canít you see it through your eyes now
    your destiny unfolds"

    It Finds you

    "cause and effect we disconnect
    and wonder how the void we suffer in
    expands as we contract

    surrounded by static waves
    we radiate anxiety and wonder whoís the slave

    with silent chains weíve attached ourselves
    then try to pull away and blame others for the pain
    ignore the signs
    cry all is lost
    then turn away in shame from the lessons of time
    itís hard to say or accept the blame
    when what was easy to ignore is now hard to face
    with silent chains weíve attached ourselves

    values wane and do not equate
    not worth a light now
    a buckled bridge under such strain"

    Silent Chains

    I see this reflecting the end of a relationship...and also how we have treated the earth, and the political maelstrom that the world is in as we speak......

    I may be completely wrong about the message/ lyrics in this CD ...but this is what I got from it.

    Vocals...Inventive... yet the familiar emotions and perfection of Cy's amazing range...

    Musically... took me back at first.. because as always... you are going to expect simularity from past projects.....but as I am now in listen # 3... I am really enjoying the smooth easiness... and soft poetic sounds of this CD... almost jazzy... but not quite.

    ....I really can not find the words to be an exact identity to this CD... except that it came from the heart.

    To sum it up... I am once again excellent effort of all of Cy's talents.

    So to Cy... thank you for letting us see your nakedness... and allowing us to be part of that aspect of your life through this project.

    Well done.
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    You pass like the moon in silence
    In the warm flooded air
    Looking back to those lost opportunities
    So often missed or ignored
    A thousand times I start heading for the dawn
    Only to turn around and face this rue once more
    There 's something ahead of you
    Cy Curnin

    Don't die, with your music still inside of you.

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    Thanks for sharing, Jeanne - I felt many of the same emotions listening to this album, but couldn't really put them into words because I was in too overwhelming of an emotional state the first few listens!

    Now that I've heard it a few more times, I'm finding myself singing along with it more than I expected I would, and getting more hope from it in doing so. I'm almost starting to use it as a way to tell myself that, when things are difficult, it's easy and understandable to get bogged down, but up to me not to give in. But with the support of a trusted friend having been there, and therefore qualified to give good advice
    Maybe on course to the best yet!

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