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Thread: Santa Cruz Show

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    Santa Cruz Show

    Hello Friends!

    All I can say about last night's show is WOW !!!!!! SO many heartfelt moments both on stage and off. GREAT time seeing and hanging with new and old fans from everywhere. I don't have pictures or set lists, but rest assured that they are coming as there were at least 3 video people and at least 1 still photog. I'm sure that they will be posted soon.

    I'd like to sidebar for a moment. Certain things happened to the point that I'll remember this as one of the most emotional, positive heartfelt shows I've been associated with. First, the band's performance was FANTASTIC! As good was Scott's mastery of the sound board. I got at least 15 comments afterwards on the sound quality and the professional mix that was very obvious.

    It was great to see Heimo, Wingtip, Steve, Deb, and so many other faces too numerous to mention. Also weighing very heavily was PIPPI not being there due to the passing of her dad. Pip my dear friend, it was certainly NOT the same without you there riding shotgun like you do! I hope to see you and catch up in Reno. I also can't wait to give you the biggest hug! GREAT to see BASH again and glad her health allowed her to be there!!

    Memories for me include a few "little things" like the single dad on the side of the stage with his young son and daughter watching the band perform. The look in their eyes said it all.... like "this is the most coolest show I've ever seen! " I'm glad I was in the position to take those two kid's hands (with dad's permission) and walk them up the steps to the edge of the stage and let them see one song from the stage. When I saw the open jaw shock, awe, and sheer glee on those kid's faces as they were on the stage, I allowed myself to glance at the dad, who looked like he was crying from happiness. I had to immediately look away as I was going back to the mic for announcements and I didn't want to open the floodgates right at that moment! I hope Bash got pictures of those kids.

    Like I said earlier, there were too many moments to cherish that my head is spinning. I'll leave the rest to the other fans who will post from their own perspective, and like you, I'll wait for the pictures and reviews to come. Suffice it to say that when more info comes, I'm sure you'll agree that this was one of the best nights in Fixx fan history. I was certainly like that for me.

    Also, we raffled off a signed guitar for Cy's Love, Hope, Strength charity. The winner was a 12 or 13 y/o kid who got to come up on stage and accept his prize. He was shaking and it was a moment he and his family will never forget. He held up the guitar in triumph and got a massive roar of applause from the crowd, which I estimate was at least 5,000 people. I imagine that moment staying with that kid for the rest of his life.

    In closing, I need to thank Karley and Jessica from the Boardwalk for the hospitality and professionalism shown to the band, Daniel, our personal Boardwalk security guard and Fixx fan who pulled out his old CD and asked me to get signed for him (which I did), and so many other people, Fixx fans and employees of the venue. All the comments were so positive, I felt like the Stones just played! Thanks to the band for doing Reach The Beach, one of my faves! Too many others to thank, please know that we thank everyone associated with the show and the hard work before and afterwards. I anxiously await the pics and reviews from others.

    Much Love, Still Floating On Air,

    Dr. Roger

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    Smile Thanks Doctor Roger

    Thanks for giving us fuel to our anticpation of hearing about the California show! Glad you all had a wonderful time We missed you Doc at our East Coast show! Hope you'll be on Cy's tour so I can catch up with you in September!
    Happy the Den mom is back to health! Sorry to hear about Pippi and sad for her on birthday week. I had a bad birthday too so maybe she and I will have a better year next time around!
    A great big thanks to The Fixx and their management for always seeing that the fans have the best show and Meet N Greets! THis band really makes people of all walks of life pull together which I can't say about very many other bands ( well maybe the Alarm a close second). That is why Love, Hope, Strength works so well - the way the members intermesh!

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    Thanx Doc

    Anxiously waiting for more reviews from Santa Cruz. Know it was awesome!- The Fixx wouldn't/couldn't do it any other way. Keep sending us all the reviews- please : )

    Hope to see them in Reno- looking like a strong possibility. Wanted to show support this Sep for Cy @ LHS in NJ or at least in PA, but logistically not working out- will be on the road myself in another direction.

    I have to add, too that I am so sorry for Pippi- praying for you.

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    That was great to read Dr. Roger! thanks for sharing. ***passing tissues*** Sounds like it was a great evening for so many people, new fans and old. Would have loved to have been there to see it again and meet you too. Maybe, someday.

    Sorry about Pippi losing her dad, that's one of life's hardest moments. God bless.
    I am the winner in any event.

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    Thumbs up

    I'll have to agree that was a pretty amazing show.
    They rocked it hard and the sound was so crystal clear.
    I havent seen them since the Ink tour and I was pleasantly surprised when they played some of the more obscure songs.
    Glad I didnt read the spoiler setlist until after the show.
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    Roger, it was indeed another wonderful Santa Cruz night with two great sets! Thanks for your hospitality, as always. It was great to see you, Bash, lovely Anke and her very lucky boyfriend, Heimo (Hi Heimo! , Steve P and Deborah, Noreen, Julie, my friend Don from Denver, Kevin, and anyone else I may have forgotten.

    Pippi, we missed you, and are sad for your loss. Hope to see you soon!

    Stand-out moments for me:

    1. The sound mix - wow, for once, echo (not reverb) on Cy's voice at the right places - really helped double up the vocals and give a more as-recorded-in-the-studio sound to things (I still hope for the interwoven vocals of Reach the Beach on the chorus, though). Good stuff!

    2. The boy who won the guitar. He was beaming and star-struck and left the stage with the guitar but not the box it came in, so I yelled down to Carrie and she chased him down. Can't get sand on that axe, bro!

    3. I had a copy of the set lists in my hands, and as I walked past the line for the meet'n'greet, this woman called out to me to ask if they were the set lists. I said, "Yes", she asked, "Are there any more?", I said, "No", and after a brief pause, asked, "You want 'em?". "Yes!". It was nice to see that big smile on her face as I handed them to her. Doggone it if she didn't have a boyfriend, though.

    I think Santa Cruz is always my favorite venue to see the guys - the sun, the surf, the breeze, the crowds going wild, my friends, the camaraderie. Total fun!

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    I'm still stunned.

    What was especially exciting for me was the sheer volume of people watching the show. I've seen them play in smaller venues to hundreds of people at least a dozen times now (I know, not much; closer to 15 shows), but finally hearing the thunderous applause and roar of thousands and thousands of people for what is the best band out there was rapturous. The Fixx deserve to be the among the most celebrated groups, IMO, and the energy was infectuous.

    I have seen some amazing shows, but this was beyond belief, in the best setting that I have ever seen any band in. The guys rocked, hard! What an amazing experience! I wish I could have seen more of Dan and Adam from my vantage point in front of the stage, but I knew everyone was giving all they had.

    Also, I wish I had more time to hang with fellow Fixxtures, as I saw many I recognized. Alas, I didn't have much time before or after, or even in between sets, to mingle. I wasn't trying to avoid y'all, I just had, and still have, too much other stuff going on in this trip visiting friends and family I haven't seen in too long, some in over a decade. It was, however, the first time I planned a vacation around a Fixx concert (or any concert), and I just want to thank the band for the best time I've ever had at any show.

    I managed to get Fatal Shore recorded in it's entirety, and will post a link when I get it edited and on my Facebook page.
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    Thanks again everyone - for all of your love. You made me cry . . . . again. Sadly enough, we held dad's services on my birthday. I always was a daddy's girl. I am still in Michigan, sitting here with mom. She is soooo sad. 60 years they were together. I hope she pulls through this to join me in SoCal. But, that would take a miracle.

    I will be heading West tomorrow - riding sadly into the sunset.

    Thanks again for missing me in Santa Cruz - for the pictures - the music - for all that you did. I love you guys.

    And, as I sit here with tears rolling down my face, I will muster up the strength for just one little . . . . . . . .

    woo hoo santa cruz.
    ~Bathe In A Turning Tide~

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    I am glad to hear the news of the Santa Cruz show, although I must admit it is not a surprise to hear the good news, as I was expecting such a moment.

    To Pippi, I send sympathies, and though we haven't met I am aware that you'd normally be the first to have been at Santa Cruz. Sounds like your mom needs to go West for a change in pace.

    With the news of the Hawaii dates, I wonder if Santa Cruz helped play a part in nailing down commitments from those venues, is interesting to think about the possible connection there.
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    Sounds like you all did a great job in indoctrinating a new generation of Fixxtures! I'm proud! I've seen some of the pics, and they're awesome - I've gotta get to this show one day, because the Fixx and roller coasters all in the same day (on a beach, no less!) is my idea of heaven! Even better if they were on it WITH me, but I digress Was there a meet and greet/pop-in to the party by the guys? What funny comments/jokes did Cy make?

    Pippi, I really feel for you, for not only what you've been through during your birthday, but also with today being the holiday it is. I have a deceased father, too, and I'm feeling a similar pain. I'm just trying to remember all the good things that being his daughter made/make possible...for too long, I've dwelt on the negative, and it's time to change that. But oh, the tears... Hope you get something good out of the day too, whether it be this year or down the road...hold on...
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    Some thoughts on the Santa Cruz experience…

    The best mixed Fixx show I’ve ever been to. A 2006 show at the OC Fair opening for the Psych Furs moves to 2nd.

    Yesterday, Today was the most amazing demonstration of THE FIXX’s versatility. Particularly, Danny. His fingers were all over that Steinberger bass (he commented later on that he had wished it were a fretless, but made do with what he had). This was the 1st time I’ve been treated to Yesterday, Today and it will stick with me as the best tune of the night.

    It was a treat to see/hear Danny’s influence on Life Goes On as we have been accustomed to Gary working this tune up until last year.

    What a wonderful reunion to spend time with Heimo again at a Fixx show. His lovely lady Anke fits snuggly into his arms and is a welcome addition to our family of Fixx fans. I’m pretty sure Anke had a good time. Deborah and I truly had wonderful moments with both of them.

    Bash did an extraordinary job of working her magic organizing certain things. I look forward to seeing her photography soon.

    Roger is clearly getting better and better at concert introductions and overall behind the scene’s string pulling. Strong work mate!

    Sat on the steps leading up to the Boardwalk for the 1st set. Truly amazing sound as Scott (sound guy) was just a few feet to our right. Someone took our spots by the 2nd set so we went up front into the pit. Hard to see Danny or Adam way up front though. Still sounded great.

    It was nice to see Dana and Cheryl, Julie and Julie, Noreen and her cool friend Brent, Scott Robinson and his lovely lady, Carrie and Sheila, Gary and Don.

    Also, out of pure chance, we bumped into a guy named Alan who turns out to be the basis of the band Eye Talk. Jamie and Rupert appear on Eye Talk’s album ( Turns out Heimo has this CD that Rupert and Jamie are on. Alan was quite amused that a man from Germany who has his Eye Talk album was standing in front of him. Small world.

    This was the best Santa Cruz experience so far, in my opinion. They just keep getting better and better.

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    Such a Wonderful Weekend

    Warm sun overhead, soft sand under feet, clear, blue ocean, friends and fans and the FIXX playing live, The energy on stage and in the crowd was evident…it was more than a perfect day (and evening) at the beach. So great to see again all of you who have welcomed me into the fold; Noreen (shhhhhhh), Roger (how’s your sunburn? do you need a doctor?), Wingo (don’t mess with your server), Bash (maybe you could cater our wedding). Heimo and Anke, (you are so dear. didn’t want you to go. We will be together again soon.)
    One more comment about the show—I think this was the best mix of sound I have ever heard at any show (not just a Fixx show, but any rock concert). Too many times rock mixes end up sounding crass and distorted with the vocals buried underneath loud, hissing noise. The sound in Santa Cruz this Friday was a melodic balance of music and Cy’s vocals with crisp, individual instruments and voice. The harmonies were true. The bass was well defined. Jamie’s guitar rang clear and rich. Steve tells me Scott Robinson is to be given the credit, so nice job, Scott.

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    I will keep this on the shorter side and agree with Steve - this was the best Santa Cruz yet. Only one thing could have made it better - the attendance of my sister in arms, Pippi.

    (a few of the the calm before the storm!)

    I agree with everyone about the vibe, the gathering of Fixxtures and the fun we had. I loved meeting the new folks who attended and catching up with the rest of you - it's been three years since I'd seen most of you! Thanks to everyone who pitched in to make my "venture" a success - it was great to spend that lovely time with such a large group of folks and have it all gel so well. And kudos to Roger, who has turned into a real professional at all the things he does. It's fun to watch you grow so fast, my friend!

    One regret - I didn't get to meet Dan Brown, whose return to the Fixx has that "all is right with the world" feeling to it. I was just so busy making sure all was running smoothly. As it stands, to Mr. Brown, I'm still some redhead who occasionally crouched behind him on the stage, photographing him. Next time, we become acquaintances!

    Photos...oh yes. I will have some up in the next few days. I'm building a new site for them. (I'm also returning to work tomorrow after being on medical leave for 6 weeks, so time to work on that site will be at a premium.)

    Take care, all, and see you somewhere in the future!
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    Not too much to add, I think everyone has covered a lot! Before the first set, I was sitting in the bleachers chatting with people and talked to one guy from Italy (he was here on business and was SO excited to see the Fixx and also talked to a family - one had a son that was 16 and the dad was getting him into music).

    I agree - the sound was AMAZING!!!!!! I've seen other shows there before and sometimes there would seem to be an 'echo'.

    Thank you to ALL the Fixxtures for an amazing time. You guys are so awesome. We missed you Pippi. Hopefully next time around.

    P.S. Why am *I* getting the most shushed? I was not even loud! LOL.

    Noreen (aka Rudolph)

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    Found someone's really nice shots on Flickr tonight:

    mrbill666's photos

    Laughed at this one:

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