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Thread: A letter from the White House

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    A letter from the White House

    So today I get the typical White House newsletter by email, since I recently sent them an idea so I guess that opened me up to the Federal Spam mailing list.

    The President's note says that everybody needs to roll up their sleeves and help volunteer this summer to help each other out. Irony. My sleeves are not getting rolled up, they stay velcro'd shut along with all my protective gear for Iraq. I thought maybe I'd just click "delete" real fast and move on, but I went ahead and read it all. The President may have meant well, but I think he's missing some dynamics that are causing bitterness in America, and for most Americans outside the Beltway looking in, we wonder when those inside the Beltway will roll up their own sleeves and lead by example.

    Am I alone in the growing crowd of those "treading water" in life and a bit tired of the cheering section in Washington telling us to not only keep it up, but swim over and help our drowning brother, all the while they sit there out of the water, cheering and shouting orders from their secluded position, while Washington rakes in money like never before and most everyone in D.C. drives a brand new car and is clueless what is happening in America. Read this article about how Washington, D.C. has become a boom town in our dismal economy:

    I will offer what I think is the most important book to better understand money, banking, central banks, and the crisis we're in, but also has a basic recommendation of how we could change.
    "What Has Government Done to Our Money?" by Murray Rothbard
    Amazon link:

    This book was first published in 1963, and is in a 5th Edition, but the author has passed and can no longer update it. However, his analysis and predictions run right in line with what is happening to us right now. I have read over 50 books while over here, and this is one of only a handful I would recommend for everyone to get. And I mean everyone -- his analysis and recommendations apply to all nations on earth. Buying this is like buying a shield in medieval times, you're going to need some protection.
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