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Thread: Anyone have Rainbow show from Denver '83?

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    Unhappy Anyone have Rainbow show from Denver '83?

    OK, y'all can stop laughing now; I know this is a long shot.

    I was lucky enough to attend this show that EmptyV broadcast back when they did 'Saturday Night Concerts'. We didn't have cable or a VCR and neither did any of my friends. But a friend's cousin's friend had both! So we schemed and plotted and called in favors and convinced this kid's parents to let six total strangers into their house (located 90 minutes away) for an hour to tape this concert. I've had it for years and now it's MIA.....and I don't mean Miami!

    I have a nice little carrot though......dangle dangle.......

    A lovely 45 in exc. cond. of Red Skies with the never-released-anywhere-else b-side 'Is It By Instinct'. Yours for the low low price of pulling this virtually nonexistent video out of thin air!

    You're still laughing?
    Be that way.

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    not sure if anyone has got back with you on your request for the 1983 Live at Rainbow Music Hall Denver. I have a pretty solid copy on VHS of this entire concert and I'd love the 45" that you have to trade.

    Let me know if you are still interested!


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