Hi Kim,

You're exactly correct. The IRS will go after smaller business and anyone else they deem will put up less of a fight b/c of the legal expenses we wouldn't be able to afford for defense. Hmmm...sounds a little predatorial, doesn't it?

There is no statute, no law for us to pay income taxes. It is unconstitutional. Since I will make this a tangent, I'll just drop it here and go on to the next point-

Do watch that video, but know that the segment on The Jewish Mother will boil your blood. esp. since you're business has been picked for audit.

Lastly, I sincerely mean what I said about serving on a jury. I was 26 when I served my first criminal case. Hardly someone to take seriously at first sight. The jury was leaning toward finding a man innocent of assaulting a police officer. He was guilty and the DA presented a clear case. Once we were to deliberate, the biggest mouth on the jury didn't want to find the defendent guilty because of race. No one else in the room would discuss the facts of the case, they were intimidated. So, I just started thinking out loud and listing questions for that juror until she said it herself...he was guilty. (We couldn't even figure out how this case ever made it to trial, it was so obvious).

Once you watch America Freedom to Fascism, drop me a word.