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Thread: What album by The Fixx did you first purchase?

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    Shuttered Rooms on cassette. Cameras in Paris should've gotten more props!

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    Phantoms on vinyl; I was 14 and it was 1992. Bought it for two bucks from a catalog I purchased out of the back of a Rolling Stones mag. Gawd did I love that album!

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    was Shuttered Room on cassette from HMV in Swansea, still have it with original receipt - cost 6.49.
    The UK cassette releases of Shuttered and Reach had absolute minimal liner notes, no fold out pages, no lyrics, just a cassette slip printed front and back, that was it.
    Remember being given a copy of Reach that came from Saudi, one of their famous bootlegs and the quality was better than the official release, wason Chrome tape with b/w photocopied lyric sheet and full colour sleeve.
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    I had just finished 6th grade, went that summer to visit my dad in Colorado. He stopped at a big store on our way back to Texas and gave me and my brother some money. I don't remember what my brother bought, but I bought a 45 of Flock of Seagulls (Wishing) and the tape of Shuttered Room. . . .

    I remember my dad trying to turn the volume up on the tape while playing it in the car. I was unfamiliar with all the songs (except for red skies and stand or fall) and a little embarrassed (hey, it was those years when anything could embarrass me) so I kept turning the volume down. It was kinda funny.

    I never got to see my dad much growing up, so this memory stands out for me because I was getting to have some time with him, and also starting my long fascination with Fixx music and lyrics.
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