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Thread: Cy's US Tour - November

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    Chicago at the Abbey Pub

    I wish I could go back and experience the whole thing, all over again. What a great night, with a list of highlights. "Better Luck Next Time" was a big favorite. Since Cy's previous two records weren't toured, I figured I could never count on hearing that one performed. My hope had been that the response to this trip has been encouraging, and that Cy will be game for grabbing Nick and doing it again. He indicated that is was, and he would - with Fixx activity ongoing. Great news.

    The reworked arrangement of "The Other Side of the Story" was the most different from its recorded counterpart. Of course, everything was arranged differently since Nick and Cy were rendering these songs in acoustic format. The upbeat, folk-country ramble suited "Other Side" well; it was lots of fun. Cy sang it an octave higher in his full voice, rather than the Johnny Cash, early morning rumble heard on Solar Minimum.

    "Remember Me When I'm Gone" was very powerful.

    Lisa told me to be prepared to make requests of Nick, but I suspect that was a ruse. Two songs before the end of his set, Nick did call for requests. I called for "Knuckledraggers." Someone else yelled for "Love Junky." There were one or two others. "No, you're all wrong," came Nick's reply. Then, he played "She rules my world," apparently Lisa's favorite - she got it right in Vienna. Nick closed with "Love Junky," but no Knuckledraggers for me. I only protest in jest; it was a terrific and inspiring set.

    Thanks to those who showed up early and listened to my Ping songs. It was great fun and a real privilege to share a stage with those guys. Thanks a million to Dan Boutin for throwing down some hard-earned cash for CDs - very much appreciated! I hope you dig the music.

    If anyone would like to hear Ping music with the band, there's a pro-mixed live album on my website for free download. The set includes the first time we ever played "Engine of Destruction," which was the final song I played last night.

    Jeff Elbel

    p.s. Apologies if this shows up twice; I've gotten a posting failure a couple of times in a row. Might try a separate thread.

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    pictures from show

    Some pictures(with a little help from Deja) from the show. Will post a review when I have more than 7 hours sleep in the last 48 hours(God love text messaging. Especially at 3 am )

    Jeff (Marathon) opening for Cy and Nick

    fabulous Nick

    Cy and Nick

    Mr. Curnin

    Nick, Cy, and George's head

    "Red Skies"

    Meet and Greet

    Set List (thanks Dr Roger )

    Fixxtures: Dan, Jeanne T, Pete, Jan, Jeannie, Wally(missing george and hazelnut)

    Nick, Jeannie, and Cy

    Cy sandwich with two slices of Jeannie's ( LOL, Deja)

    warm hugs from Dr. Roger (so good to see you again, Roger)

    Anywhere else in the world these are called speed bumps, but we found this extremely hilarious at 12 am. Lack of sleep or the drinks or hunger,trying to find an open pizza decide.
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    You pass like the moon in silence
    In the warm flooded air
    Looking back to those lost opportunities
    So often missed or ignored
    A thousand times I start heading for the dawn
    Only to turn around and face this rue once more
    There 's something ahead of you
    Cy Curnin

    Don't die, with your music still inside of you.

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    I'll start off by saying that the fewer than 100 people present saw an awesome early show at Abbey Pub.

    Jeff Elbel of Ping (Marathon to us) warmed us up with his songs about marriage and family. (thanks for sharing, Jeff)

    After that, Nick Harper took the stage to do some of his songs, and soon we heard some incredible sounds coming from his acoustic guitar. It kind of leaves you open mouthed. And yes, he sings damn good, too. "Love Junky" was wild and funny. He ran all over the bar, up and down the stairs, while playing the song. This guy is a one man band. In an alternate universe, he could have had top billing over Cy.

    But it was mainly a Cy Curnin show. Cy joined later to do his songs accompanied by Nick. I must confess, I'm not so much a fan of Cy Curnin as the Fixx, let alone Nick Harper. But to hear these two guys of high musical caliber perform blew me away. The acoustic song arrangements were fresh, and in that quiet setting, you could really mull over the lyrics. "Taking the Long Way Home", to me, was especially impressive as a slow song.

    It was good meeting Cy, Nick, Dr. Roger, and the Fixxtures who came out. It's easy to see that Cy and Nick are their own mutual admiration society. On stage, Cy mentioned how he was totally taken in by Nick's guitar playing when he first heard it. After the show, Nick praised Cy for his deep lyrics and just how beautiful the songs in the set were (and they were).

    All in all, it was a great show. Fifteen dollars was a bargain. Thanks to Jeanne Thelen for driving us through Chicago over those "speed humps", and to Jeannie and George for the pizza. Gotta do this again real soon.
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    I wrote down the setlist for the Vienna show. Now that the tour is over, I feel I can post it without spoiling it for anyone:

    1. We Might Find It
    2. Ummm? (Lisa, some help here, please?)
    3. New song I didn't catch the name of
    4. The Returning Sun
    5. Hope Springs Eternal
    6. Better Luck Next Time
    7. Remember Me When I'm Gone
    8. Secret Seperation
    9. Other Side Of The Story
    10. Forget to Remember (new song)
    11. One Thing
    12. Red Skies
    13. Saved By Zero
    Encore: Happy Landings!!!!!!!!! (I was so thrilled to hear this live. This is one of my favorite albums, so to hear a song from it was quite exciting.)

    My friend, Steve, and I are still raving about the show to anyone on the swim team who will listen (and a few who won't)!
    You know me, I'm the dark horse that just might win the race.

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