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    Dirty Dancing philosophy

    " You will hurt me, if you do not trust me"

    the line Patrick Swayze says to Jennifer Grey when teaching her the lift...

    I just saw an unseen interview with Patrick Swayze where he said " isn't that the truth... it is all about trust.... not just with a dancing partner... but with your partner, yourself, and life in general....."

    It really hit me... how, well especailly myself... do not trust things just to unfold naturally in my life... or with my partner... or even my own personal goals and ambitions... how my impatience or expectations just get in the way and I feel I have to do " everything" ... and it just needs to hurry up because time is ticking....

    It has made me wonder how many things I may have sabotaged just due to my own control issues and impatience that I know that the universe will give me exactly what I want and need, and I just need to allow it to happen...

    I have seen it thousands and thousands of times.... that the universe has moved people, circumstances and events to give me the things that I want.... so why can I just not be still and know that in time.... that if I trust ... in life, my family, friends, myself and those whom I love... it will all just be fine in the end....

    So my wish to myself and anyone who bothers to read this thread... is " Child.. be still.... quiet your mind... have faith... it will be alright...and just trust it will all be okay...."
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    You pass like the moon in silence
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    Don't die, with your music still inside of you.

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