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Thread: Pictures from the Henderson, NV, ArtBeat concert

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    Pictures from the Henderson, NV, ArtBeat concert

    Anyone with a facebook account should be able to see these pictures. I grouped them with other Fixx concert photos for the time being. As I mention in the captions, I'm not good with night photography just yet, so I played around with effects to cover the obvious gaffes.

    For those w/o a FB account, the images have been loaded onto Photobucket here:

    A few thoughts:

    Though there were many families at Santa Cruz, I was up at the front of the stage, and therefore don't recall seeing any young kids. I mention this because there were many families at the Henderson show. I'm so used to seeing The Fixx at 21 and over venues, that this was the first time I noticed little kids sitting in the front row, enjoying the show as much as I was. A good thing to see.

    Nick Harper is incredibly entertaining; immensely talented! After the show, I got a chance to meet Nick quickly before my friend and I had to leave; told him how massively impressive his guitar skills are.

    The sense of camaraderie between Cy and Nick was infectious. They both bantered wittily with the audience and each other during the show. I recall laughing quite a bit, as both of them were able to take time and talk about their songs and how they were written/ came about.

    Listening to The Other Side of the Story uptempo, as opposed to the more somber album version, was a nice surprise. Practically changes the entire mood of the song, IMO.

    Hearing some Fixx classics in a live acoustic set amazed me; I didn't even recognize Secret Seperation at first...

    I had a chance to chat with Cy briefly after the show. As gracious to every fan as I've heard everyone say. He talked a little about the new album, and I could tell how very satisfied he is with how it's coming along.
    Seeing the Doc there was a very cool plus! I had no idea he was going to be there. It honestly wouldn't have felt right if he hadn't introduced the show. Doc, thanks for being there; it was good to see you again.

    Great, great show!!!
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