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Thread: Happy Birthday Rhonda!!!!!

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    buffalo. n.y.

    Happy Birthday Rhonda!!!!!

    hi rhonda Happy Birthday!!!! i hope you have a great day !!!

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    I hope you have a wonderful day Rhonda. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!


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    A sort of place you don't often find. A quiet room to go out of your mind.

    Just for fun...

    Hey girl- See…some really good things happen in December ; )

    I read great things about Sagittarius, fellow fire sign. Good stuff: Optimist, honest, seeker of knowledge and truth, spiritual, humanitarian, intuitive/great instincts, sociable, fun, outgoing, joyful, good-natured…also says you’re impatient. (I’m not going to tell you what it says about me).

    Anyway…know what you like and don’t like? OK, I’ll tell you…

    LIKES: freedom (no kidding?), unusual ideas (must be why we’re friends), being on the move (that’s so you), parties, luxury items, gambling (yep, it says that…don’t get mad at me), new friends, flirting.

    DISLIKES: public disapproval (no kidding?), playing safe (must be why we’re friends), confinement (right there with ya), monotony, tight clothes/areas (you could use scissors on those- I do), being doubted, being refused (I find that unacceptable myself).

    The best part is it says we get along well together (mutual understanding and synchronicity, no doubt).

    Happy Birthday, my friend. Hugs- Cary
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    I don't know what I just said or why.

    From my heart & from my hand
    why don't people understand my intention
    -Weird Science

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    Happy Birthday to my fellow Florida Fixx fan and friend Rhonda!!!!

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    Thanks so much ladies for the wishes!Cary did you talk to one of my brothers or something to get all that!minus gambling!But one of my sayings is and it is a Lynyrd Skynyrd Song "Free Bird" which s me!all it took was one to set me on my path at a very young age!You know that!for we talked!And Denise your little drinking buddies there were sent home at about 4 am!Again thank you!Alicia I hope your headache is gone now!
    My sentimental friend we`ll walk as one again,one day.M.Ure

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    buffalo. n.y.
    hey rhonda so glad you had a rockin' birthday!!

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