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Thread: What Killed the Dinosaurs?

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    What Killed the Dinosaurs?

    Today's headline:

    It's official: An asteroid wiped out the dinosaurs

    Hmm. And I always thought the cause was reptile dysfunction.

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    Answer? Man. His voracious appetite, superior killing ability, need to feel safe, and desire to hunt for sport.
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    reptile dysfunction

    man, that was priceless!
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    you're absolutely right

    Simon LeBon's huge cottage-cheese-looking *** and grossly enlarged penis, did in fact smother many smaller species into extinction during the pre-grungazoic era, it is also a fact though that many species, such as The Die-no-saurs, aka The Fixx, did in fact survive the dysfunction of the period, and even florished, making music on their own turds, with many fans eagerly awaiting the new ****
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    I love the Fixx, OF COURSE I TAKE THEM SERIOUOSLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How could you not, i love all the guys they are all very nice, as well as all the fans........ What is there not to take serious aobut them?

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