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Thread: 2010 Non-Hit Song Request

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    2010 Non-Hit Song Request

    Okay, I will stick my neck out and start the thread, even at the risk of being completely ignored by the band, but here goes...

    Vote for one song, one which did not chart, to recommend to the band for playing at concerts later this year (with understanding that they must practice it and get it right first, so July is probably too soon).

    A few years back, "Facing the Wind" won our informal poll, so please refrain from voting for that one again since it should be considered off the table now (and is recorded live for posterity).

    My personal pick for 2010: Camphor.
    I leave it up to Steve or Roger or someone more mathematically responsible to tally the votes at the end of this poll, and let's set the deadline for July 15, 2010.

    Again - this is unofficial, and the band has no obligation to comply, but just go with it and vote for ye favorite non-hit.
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    I am going to vote for a song that - to my knowledge - has never been performed live by the band:

    I Live

    It's a tough poll, there's a handful of other songs that could just as easily replace I Live:

    World Weary
    The Flow
    The Sign Of Fire

    Anyhoo, my vote is cast.


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    Sense The Adventure!!

    Thank you....
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    Hey all-

    Very long time, no post. But regular visitor.

    My choice is BIG WALL, of course.

    I'll be at the Atlantic City show, so this request is primarily for that show.
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    I have 4 picks, not sure these are non-hits. I've heard the first two on AOR station : )

    I know, breaking the rulz

    Treasure It
    Two Different Views

    I don't know what I just said or why.

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    Walkabout or Big Wall.

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    "I Live"

    Thank you for posting this thread, I was too chicken!

    "I Live"

    I was the loudest, proudest, most spirited fan at your at your '09 Mohegan Sun concert, the guy yelling "I Live!" from the back. (Although I should show more deference to the Fixx Legends I met at the front table!) So I met the band (unforgettable); got unabashedly starstruck; told Cy my life story in <10 seconds (try to imagine someone talking on fast-forward); he gave me his good wishes and - uncannily every time I've been at a huge life's crossroads in the past three years, The Fixx and I cross paths, they're making music on stage, Moving People!

    'I Live' is your anthem, it's about the triumph of the human spirit, so that's why you guys have to play it in Williamsburg!!

    P.S. - Here's a subliminal message rooting for "Taking the Long Way Home" from "Want That Life" as an alternate.

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    I vote to give Cy a little vocal break mid-set, let Jamie sing one:

    Sweet Pandemonium

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    Originally posted by msmith1
    I vote to give Cy a little vocal break mid-set, let Jamie sing one:

    Sweet Pandemonium

    that would be neat!
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    Update - I will adjust the poll so that those choosing to vote for 1, 2, or 4 songs will be accomodated. If you only vote for 1 song, it is worth 4 points. If you vote for 2 songs, each get 2 points, and 4 songs only give 1 point each. So, there are advantages to being decisive on this one. Having tallied the responses to this point, including an assumption that Asuka's post is a ditto for "Sweet Pandemonium," here are the totals to this point:

    I Live - 8 points.
    Sweet Pandemonium - 8 points.
    Big Wall - 6 points.
    Sense the Adventure - 4 points.
    Camphor - 4 points.
    Walkabout - 2 points.
    Changing - 1 point.
    Outside - 1 point.
    Treasure It - 1 point.
    Two Different Views - 1 point.

    If you want to re-vote based on these new "rules" I made up, go ahead, as this is a no-stress Election. Just don't vote for only 3 songs, or 5 or more songs, or then we'll be dealing in decimals!
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    I'll gladly help put the nail in the coffin for sense the adventure..... it didnt go over well at all live in 86, and hope they use that 5 minutes playing something else- like a new one!

    Remember, there are things done in the studio that are hard to recreate for the live arena or require extra gear, setups, maintenance and more money and more roadies.....

    If it was easy, then im sure we'd hear the best sound ever created- the opening riff of deeper and deeper....

    ; )
    "There can be no tradition without innovation."
    - Earle Hitchner, Irish music journalist

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    Rupert should just sample that synth pattern off the friggin' Ultimate Collection and loop it. That's easy enough!


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    "I Live", definitely.
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    Well, I will take anything. I'd still like to hear FTW, and I'd love to hear Yesterday Today again.

    That being said, the Flow, Camphor, and Treasure it come to mind. No idea if they would be less than ideal for them live. Can't argue with Sense the Adventure either.

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    "Some People" has been on constant rotation for me lately, and would love to hear them play it.
    I am the winner in any event.

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