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Thread: Happy Anniversary, BACHELOR PARTY

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    Happy Anniversary, BACHELOR PARTY

    I wouldn't be living up to my username if I didn't acknowledge the 26th anniversary of the theatrical release of what I'm sure you'd all agree is Tom Hank's finest moment. Phila-what? Saving Private What? Castawhat?


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    Forrest Who?

    And once again...Thank you for being Catholic, and for choosing the Saint Gabriel's School Bus...It's time for spice, and the lucky spice is... paprika! "Oh thank you, thank you! You've made me the happiest spice in the world!"...Well Mr. Thompson, that's quite a list. And I think, if I really apply myself, I could be a totally changed person by the time we finish lunch!...This is the food prison riots are made out of....I wish I had someone I could really respect. Hey, look at the cans on that bimbo! (Ok that last one wasn't a Hanks line but still what a great line it was and who better than Adrian Zmed to deliver it)...Gotta get the DVD out to watch tonight.

    "I knew a transsexual guy whose only ambition was to eat, drink, and be Mary." ~ George Carlin.

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