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Thread: Scott Weiland Lip Sync???

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    Scott Weiland Lip Sync???

    You decide

    I vote yes

    what a dissapointmant
    We'll know for the first time
    If we're evil or divine
    We're the last in line

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    As a massive STP fan, I'm hardly an impartial judge but I don't believe for one minute that Scott would ever lip-sync or using pre-recorded backing tracks. I've seen him live with STP in '01 (he was awful), with VR in '07 (he was stellar) and listened to hundreds of boots and I'm not buying this.

    For one thing, he makes far too many mistakes for it to work!

    In any case, this is a band with a rhythm section that records without a click track, with a bassist who worked in product design for Shecter and that has a longtime commitment to outstanding live sound. Even if Scott were to go against all his principles (crazy as he is, he does have these!) and request it, the rest of the band wouldn't entertain the idea. Not a chance imho.
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