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    Anthony Mazzella

    This guy is Out of this world...

    I have been around musicans most of my life and I have NEVER seen anything like this... his talent is ... I can't even come up with the right words right now for this local boy....

    I saw him this summer at El Pedragal and he is one of the most AMAZING acoustic/guitarist I have ever seen...I have just never seen anyone play like this... it really just had me wishing I could have shared this experience with many of my friends who are musicans.. especially get the whole appriciation as my words are weak.

    He is classical mixed with spanish and celtic, turkish, arabian and jazz... it is so serene and tranquil yet funky...... he did a cover of "Where The Streets Have No Name" that brought tears to my eyes......

    IF you have a chance to check him out.. DO... he bounces back and forth between Phoenix, Sedona and New York....but you can see him on his website and Utube.....

    I can not wait to see him again in a few days...

    Okay... I'll admit.. I may be " crushing" on him a little bit...LOL
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