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Thread: Hollywood Bowl

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    Hollywood Bowl

    Way too quiet around here....

    Hollywood Bowl, Friday Sept. 2, 7:30 pm

    The Human League
    The Fixx

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    Just saw that this morning! That's an easy road trip for me. Will be nice to get out and see these guys again.


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    Well that's a bit of good news. Don't know if East Coast dates are being considered but the booker for the Lowell Summer Music Series, John Marciano, expressed interest in The Fixx-- told me when he checked there were no summer tour plans.

    If things have changed or there's time for an East Coast stop, Fixx tour booker might give him a try at It is a State park in the middle of downtown Lowell MA and is a great, very well attended, outdoor venue. John is a park ranger.

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    The Hollywood Bowl holds 18,000 people. I think it was sold out because I didn't see a single empty spot. People didn't just trickle in either, the moment Berlin came on (the opener), everyone who wasn't already in their spot flocked to their seats. That's right folks, 18,000 people saw The Fixx play the Hollywood Bowl!. Berlin was really good and Terry Nunn is quite beautiful. Terry even said "The Beatles played here! I'm walking on Beatles sweat!"

    People were quite receptive to The Fixx and their hits. By the time Saved By Zero was going the first two sections were on their feet (probably 3000-4000 people). I know there are MANY hard core Fixx fans that didn't go to the show because the set was going to be short. Those people missed out on an experience of a lifetime. Are you kidding me? The Hollywood Bowl!! And The Fixx shined bright as anyone. It was incredibly touching to see Cy have a full stage to walk to and fro and engage the crowd in many areas. And Jamie? Jamie took full advantage of stepping all the way up to the precipice for a mind numbing Deeper & Deeper solo. So good to see them shine in such a big venue with SO MANY PEOPLE! I am so happy for The Fixx to have had this opportunity to play there.

    The B52s had everyone on their feet for most of the show. They weren't necessarily that good but everyone was into them so there was amazing energy to their performance and set.

    The Human League did not get much applause, particularly compared to the B52s. People were leaving. It wasn't until they played Fascination that people got ramped up. They just weren't that good.

    All in all, it was a great experience.

    4 Fixx tickets for the Hollywood Bowl $360
    2 Air Fares SFO to LAX $324
    1 Night Hotel $96
    Taxi ride to Hollywood Bowl $65
    Hollywood Bowl Picnic Spread $70

    Seeing The Fixx in front of 18,000 people? Priceless

    We saved up for this gig. I knew it would be worth every penny.

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    Excellent video recording of SBZ featured on Home page from the Hollywood Bowl show. Sublime w/headphones on.

    SoCalYamile also posted Red Skies from this show~ oh so good

    maybe 18,000 ppl saw this, thatz awesome
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    Thanks for the link Cary. Those were quite good videos for being shot from the crowd.

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    We are all so proud of the band and jealous of your attendance at such an epic moment in The Fixx history. We all wish we could have been there!

    Some side-notes this caused me to consider:
    1. Does the band get "rediscovered" from such a gig?
    2. Does this potentially help "someone" back the new album?
    3. Assumption - The Fixx solidify their presence at any "big" 80s concerts in the future.
    I've been lurking...

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