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Thread: The Next Generation to Reach the Beach!

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    The Next Generation to Reach the Beach!

    Had the huge pleasure tonight of singing along to most of Reach the Beach with my 3 daughters aged 10, 12 and 13!!

    I sort of felt guilty for introducing them to this awhile ago but they've fallen in love with it and it's great to be able to share something you love.

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    That's cool! I like being able to play Fixx music with friends and "convert" them.
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    Re-The Next Generation to Reach the Beach

    David P--

    No need to feel guilty about anything FIXX related! My kids absolutely love them--I'm officially not allowed to attend ANY FIXX show, (if and when they happen?!), without them coming with us. I have "introduced," my children to just about all of the music from the eighties and nineties, and more recent music as well. It's a great way to connect with your kids!

    So far, the best FIXX concert we have been to was at the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk--2009.

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