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Thread: Fixx Dates Cancelled

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    Fixx Dates Cancelled

    Due to illness, some of the dates scheduled this summer have been cancelled. July 23 (Napa) through August 6 (Denver) will hopefully be rescheduled at a later time. All other dates will happen as scheduled. You can find updated information as soon as it happens at Sorry for any inconvenience, thanks for understanding and we hope to see you all very soon! xx

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    It is at times like this that we must pause and reflect on all the great music this band has given us over the years. "Someone" is sick, and I wish them a speedy recovery, but - this is a reminder of how precious our time with this band has been.
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    Wow! Get well soon Cy! Looks like the Mount Airy show will be the kickoff! Wouldn't miss it for ANYTHING!

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    That's unfortunate, but we're all human, and this is rare for Cy, he's usually always going strong no matter what. Just goes to show you how this years bugs have been a such a severe strain, and have knocked out many. Take care Cy, rest yourself and regain your strength.
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    Get well soon, Cy! Sorry to hear that. Hope the wind and th spray rain during the show in Hamm were not kind of responsible too.

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    Velvet Sessions

    Does anyone know how to get a refund for a ticket for Velvet Sessions (Orlando)? I've called them and e-mailed them and have gotten no response. I see Blue Oyster Cult is the replacement band. I personally don't care for Velvet Sessions and don't plan to go now.


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    Velvet Sessions Refund

    No sooner had I posted than I got a reply regarding a Velvet Sessions refund. If you are interested, the person to contact is He will send a message to the on-line ticketing company, requesting that they cancel your order and issue a refund to your credit card. He will send you another message once the request has been processed [may take up to 48 hours].


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    When they reschedule those FL shows, Bunny & Rhonda will represent, right? : ) You FL peeps are lucky---when it's back on, you've got a Fixx trifecta!

    I hope Cy is feeling much better soon and the rest of the tour will rock-
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    We hope you feel better soon Cy. We will try to see you all in Lincoln, CA. That is the closest to where we live now. The kids and I are looking forward to seeing you perform.

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    I am not a fan of Velvet Sessions either, not sure why the band does not come to Tampa or St Pete but wish they would. As far as the Largo Cultural Center, having to sit during the entire show would bite the big one, so not crazy about the idea of theatre style seating either. But whatever the case, get well soon, and maybe a Florida show when it is cooler will be better anyways.... Love to all Fixxtures!!!
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