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Thread: rock n' roll hall nominations

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    rock n' roll hall nominations

    Once again they are out and among the nominees to the popularity contest are Guns n' Roses, The Cure, Joan Jett, and Heart as first time nominees.

    Join in the bashing if you like. I can see The Cure, and possibly Jett (as she basically pioneered 2 seperate things, 1. the all-female band, and 2. First real band totally led by a female). But Heart and GnR both seem to me to be popular choices, but not as influential as consistently snubbed folks like Sonic Youth, Todd Rundgren, and Rush.

    There's my two cents. Have a nice day!

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    GnR & JJett get on my last nerve now~ I used to love them. No doubt they'll make the cut.

    The Cure ~ that would be great. I didn't know bands off the beaten path stood a chance.

    I love Heart~ I get sick of hearing the hits played over and over, but they're v. talented song writers, musicians ~ they've had a side-project as The Love Mongers that seems closer to their roots imo. I hope these 2 make it, but I haven't paid attn to the RnR HoF either way.

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