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Thread: Cy Solo Concert

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    Cy Solo Concert

    Richard Blade announced on SiriusXM today that Cy will be playing at Romanos in Riverside, CA on Saturday Feb. 4. I have not seen any "official" announcement at the usual places--here--but I already planned on being in the 909/951 that weekend and if this is true will be there!!

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    Cy posted following note on Facebook:


    Up coming California solo dates so far. Bring a mob.

    Feb 1st – Hermosa Beach – Saint Rock
    Feb 3rd – Temecula, CA – Churan Inn
    Feb 4th – Riverside, CA – Romano’s
    Feb 6th – LA – Hotel Café

    More to follow.

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    Ooh yay..Temecula! This is going to be awesome, Cy will literally be 10 min from my house!

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