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Thread: Lonely as a Lighthouse video

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    Lonely as a Lighthouse video

    In memory of Doctor Roger...
    Lonely as a Lighthouse

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    Thank you. A great song and touching tribute. Thank you.

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    just brilliant Stevie P!

    that song is as much as a fave of fans- as Dr Roger was of this awesome band!

    time for a remake of this classic underground masterpiece...... whatya think ?

    god bless and nice work!!!

    : )

    "There can be no tradition without innovation."
    - Earle Hitchner, Irish music journalist

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    Thank you, Steve!

    I love that song and it was the right time to take the dust from it in memory of Roger!

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    That is pure Fixx Utopia. Simply excellent. Jamie out-does himself. The song is smooth, yet hard-hitting: the very thing that won me over to them in the first place. If you please though, I would still like to see someone YouTube "Roger And Out." I'm thinking only the studio version exists. Yes?

    I don't "go through channels." I dig my own....

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    Setlist from Elemental Tour back in 1998

    Found this.
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    Post Springfield, VA May 15, 1998 Setlist

    I took this off the floor that was in front of Cy, after the concert ended. My first hearing of Lighthouse and it simply BLEW me away! It became quite an obsession to get a good clear copy.

    One nice memory from that night, I was right at the foot of the stage in front of Cy and at one point while he was singing he was watching me lip the words to One Thing Leads To Another, perfect I might add, at the end of the song he pointed to me and winked, acknowledging my perfect rendition!
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