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Thread: The Fixx/The Call CD seen at F.Y.E.

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    The Fixx/The Call CD seen at F.Y.E.

    Interesting - would like to hear the story behind this one: the CD is called "Winning Combinations The Fixx/The Call". Somebody thought they were like PB&J, I guess.

    Heard about The Call ("I Still Believe", etc.) within the last year or two in my never-ending quest of discovery for New Wave/N.R./Rock & Reagan/'80s Ballad and they are a decent band, don't know much else about them, except that their lead singer Michael Been sadly passed not too long ago.

    One of these days I'm going to buy that extended versions Fixx album at the same store, it's been there for awhile... 12 bucks.

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    Love The Call. Photographed them at Syracuse U fall of 86. Own everything of theirs. What a great rock band. Not familiar with this album tho.

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    Oh yes Cagey, that CD is also at my local FYE.

    I'll plan to grab it myself before too long....

    I don't "go through channels." I dig my own....

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    The Walkabout CDs are not all the same, as I recently learned. I had to replace my older Walkabout CD, and the one I just bought used does not have the "extra" song at the end, "Peace on Earth." I am posting this so that anyone else who purchases Walkabout will know that this disc is short a song. Here's the data from the front right of the disc itself:

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