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Thread: Beautiful Friction

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    Cy's asking for help!

    Hi all,
    Cy's been posting on facebook asking fans for help in promoting the new album: "ok you guys.. it's your turn to spread the word far and wide. repost anything relevant to the fixx release.. we need all hands on deck. make some love noises and watch the flower bloom. as I'm typing "red skies" just came on the radio outside. Im taking it as a sign of connectedness with the universe. OMMMMMMMM"

    So, let's help make Beautiful Friction the hit it is! Grassroots promo effort--so many ways we can do this. As Nick Jackson said, "Bloody right! Let's hit every Occupy forum, gay forums, websites with the Anyone Else video. The message is right, the moment is right. Let's go for it!"

    Post on facebook (your wall, other pages), twitter, websites and forums, youtube, email, etc. And, let the music speak for itself--share it with your friends and family; gather some new Fixx fans and remind people that they're still producing and touring!

    Here are some links to make it easy:

    ... Anyone Else:

    Article with samples of songs:

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    What's making that squeaky wheel noise after the song "Beautiful Friction"?[/QUOTE]

    I was wondering the same thing.

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    Ok. Here's my review of Beautiful Friction...

    Back to the elements of their foundation, The Fixx reunite with members from their 80s heyday placing bassist Dan K. Brown back in charge of the low notes, leaving the knob fiddling to masterful mixing engineer Stephen W. Tayler, and gracing their release once again with the artwork of George Underwood. While the music itself is not a dip into 80s synth pop, the quality and drive of the album holds just as strong as Reach the Beach and Phantoms.

    With a careful mix of songs dissecting the mistakes, challenges, and imprisonment of relationships, a few political suggestions, and a hard driving and eerie poke at religion, Beautiful Friction is a well balanced catalog addressing todays worldwide occupation movements while providing Cy much needed therapy in a display of naked heart.

    The album presents several tunes that must be quite personal to Cy. Seemingly drawn from his own life experiences with relationships and laid out for all to see. Just Before Dawn, Beautiful Friction, Second Time Around, Follow That Cab, & Girl With No Ceiling strike me as being about complications of relationships rife with communication breakdowns and misunderstandings gone awry. A failed marriage, a material girl, handcuffs picked and cast aside, blinders removed and eyes wide open. The future's so bright, I hope Cy has a good pair of shades. He's going to need to see now that he's sitting at the wheel.

    The song Beautiful Friction's intro brings back fond memories of 90s fan favorite Yesterday, Today. Intertwined is a sprinkling of keyboard samples from Rupert's genius that evoke the mood of Woman on a Train and The Fool.

    Take a Risk could easily be included in the rotations of Alternative Rock radio along side The Killers, Franz Ferdinand, Silversun Pickups, etc. It has the opening catchy riff with hard driving rock as a backbone. Although, I will say I'm not a fan of distorted bass.

    The album ends on a note of hope with Small Thoughts. Shaman and Small Thoughts explore the reality of distractions eventually working out in time. Give without expectation, be open to receive any return, and toss aside regret.

    The last Fixx album from 2003 - Want That Life proved the Fixx can do "mellow" really well but many fans noted it was lacking in any hard driving rock quality. Beautiful Friction delivers where Want That Life left off. Returning to their finest form since the early 1980s, The Fixx have control of their direction and are driving headlong back to success.
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    A sort of place you don't often find. A quiet room to go out of your mind.

    Your take "The song Beautiful Friction's intro brings back fond memories of 90s fan favorite Yesterday, Today. Intertwined is a sprinkling of keyboard samples from Rupert's genius that evoke the mood of Woman on a Train and The Fool." Good call, I thought the mood was very W.O.A.T. and love it.

    I got two copies on Tuesday while on vacation in FL~ sent one to a friend~ with a cheesy post card. I'm surprised by my faves on this CD~ b/c previously, I heard Just Before Dawn, Take a Risk and most of Follow That I was expecting to favorite one of those, esp. Follow That faves are Beautiful Friction and Something Ahead of You...they are beautiful. I love them all, but Rupert and JWO, beautiful work on both of them. I can't stop saying "beautiful". The kicker is that I got to listen while driving down through the FL Keys, over those bridges with the breathtaking views of the aquamarine waters~ something I'll remember forever, just beautiful.

    Shaman and Follow That Cab are my other two favorites. I think you're right again in that The FIXX do "mellow" very nicely, but I also love when they hash it out a little heavier like in Take a Risk/ Follow/ God. This is tough to describe, and I think of Chris Cornell / Soundgarden, my other favorite C.C., when Cy belts it out~ they both have a very seductive emotional edginess. It's one of the reasons I've never thought of The FIXX as 'pop', but as my favorite rock band.

    I don't know what I just said or why.

    From my heart & from my hand
    why don't people understand my intention
    -Weird Science

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    Love the previous comments. I am struck by the Pink Floyd like moments in this album. Also a Phantoms/Walk about energy at times and then a whole new feel comes through that feels unique and similar at the same time. As usual the lyrical value deserves some thoughtful reflection and the music itself is outstanding. And as I listen to it over and over, I hear old and new so beautifully interwoven. Loving this album!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by dejapete View Post
    What's making that squeaky wheel noise after the song "Beautiful Friction"?
    Hi Gang!! So glad the album is being received so well.... we are incredibly proud of it.

    In the mid section of the song, there is a delay happening on the word 'friction' every time it happens.... the sound keeps spinning , feeding back and degrading, and that is what you hear at the very end of the song. It is rather like a squeaky wheel!!

    Warmest wotnots


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    Welcome (back) aboard Stephen! And long time no talk to .


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    Thank you, Stephen, for the enlightened answer to my question.

    I submitted a short album review to eMusic. It would have been longer, but, well, I'm lazy. I rated the album, too, but somehow it didn't take. You can read my review here or on eMusic, along with the five other people who have perused it there.

    The Fixx. Isn't that a synth-pop band from the 80s? Well. They never were exactly that. And this is not your mom and dad's Fixx even though the music is still undeniably theirs. The album has a nice variety from driving rock songs to slower songs with delightful soundscapes. The title track, "Beautiful Friction", will definitely not rub you the wrong way.

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    Other random thoughts...

    The song Beautiful Friction really draws from Touch and Are You Satisfied.

    The sound effect on the 3rd chorus of Shaman . . . sends a shiver down my spine.

    I love that the album is strong on riffage. Jamie truly is a God. Lots of different sounds from him on BF, exploring new territory (as far as Fixx albums go) but he doesn't let you forget its a Fixx album with his signature chimes on songs like Girl With No Ceiling and Shaman. So friggin good.

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    Beautiful Friction Is My New Classic Fixx CD

    I received my copy last week and cannot stop listening to it.
    Since I heard that The Fixx were appearing in New Jersey in June I have been listening to nothing but The Fixx. I may need professional help to over come this disorder.
    I do love all their songs they are all special to me in there own ways.
    The show I saw in June with them was just simply awesome.
    This new cd Beautiful Friction is now my new classic muse by my favorite rock band.
    This group is just outstanding and a big Thank You to the band and all involved with this CD.
    You all out did yourselves with this new collection of songs.
    I LOVE all the songs on this cd. Anyone Else video is great as well as the song.
    I would also recommend they release Shaman and Girl with no Ceiling as followup singles.
    These are the stand out songs that I see could be hit singles for the band.
    Every song on this cd is great and What God? was a stand out for the live show I saw.
    Hoping that this cd brings many more fans to The Fixx sound.
    Thanks again to all involved with this new cd I truely love it.
    This will be listened to as my favorite for the summer of 2012.

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    Time to start the favorite song poll, who will start it? Let's have the option to choose two or multiple round voting... I would do it, but, but, but.

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    I choose Beautiful Friction and Shaman.
    Two of the best Fixx songs..... EVER!
    It takes more than a full tank of gas to drive away from the past...

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    #1 - Girl With No Ceiling
    #2 - Shaman
    #3 - the rest of the album...

    "Out there, there must be aliens
    Who donít believe in aliens
    Somewhere. Believe"
    -Cy Curnin, "We Might Find It" (The Returning Sun)

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    The Official Shoe-Review:

    Right off the bat, "Something Ahead Of You" presented itself as the very best. Goose-Bump City.
    That's going into my All-Time Fixx Top Ten somewhere.

    Although the Amazon snippets showed Roop pre-dominating pretty often, Upon Further Review---and listening on the road with the sound way up----it's Danny K. who really takes charge. No question, his return has rejuvenated the band beyond belief. And that's plenty fine with me.

    Philosophically, I get a strong whiff of Walkabout. BF is dripping with spiritual angst.
    Walkabout? Yes.
    In particular, "Treasure It."
    Feel the pull/feel the strain. But: Treasure It.
    Adversity can be a good thing. To be Treasured.
    Likewise: Friction has a definite Beauty.
    You with me?

    What the album lacks is a really "fun" song, though "Girl WNC" comes closest. Not asking for something as outrageous as "Is That It," but perhaps a notch or two removed from "Question."
    Hey, it's rock 'n roll. Kick back a little.

    "2nd Time Around" is the definitive track. Giving society a make-over. A do-over. Two selections include the lyric "repaint." You'll find the word "again" as well.

    Would have liked more good, aggressive drumming per "Shred Of Evidence." Oh well.

    The title track is an instant classic. That one just might chart. Fingers crossed.

    I can supply an answer to the inquiry "What God?" Hmmm. Maybe later.

    Track#3 was not listened to.
    Unfortunate lyrics near the end of the song.
    C'mon. Leave that to O'Shea Jackson and his buds.

    But, look. They could have added "Row Row Row Your Boat" as a bonus track.
    And I would have curled my toes in giddy appreciation.

    Can't say at this point where this ranks amongst their other studio albums.
    The best? Probably not. But: their most recent, right now.

    A huge nod/salute/bow to Stephen W. Tayler for a mammoth job of mixing.
    This gives BF a signature the other releases don't have.

    What meant most to me was the liner notes, including acknowledgements of those who I chat with at this very spot. You know who you are. Got an incredible "warm-fuzzy" to see Dr. Roger's name. I bit my lower lip and dwelled in the moment.

    More will be forthcoming, surely.
    Just my ten dollars and ninety-nine cents, before tax. Thanks FYE.

    My summary on a shoestring. Peace out.

    John T.
    I don't "go through channels." I dig my own....

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    Quote Originally Posted by stephentayler View Post
    Re: Beautiful Friction (the song)
    In the mid section of the song, there is a delay happening on the word 'friction' every time it happens.... the sound keeps spinning , feeding back and degrading, and that is what you hear at the very end of the song. It is rather like a squeaky wheel!!

    Warmest wotnots

    Yeah, right around the 2:50 mark is the trademark Nick Jackson Pink Floyd homage via echos. The echo lasts till the very microsecond when What God starts. I don't think I've heard an NJ production that didn't nod to those Gods.

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