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Thread: Beautiful Friction

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    Positive review on Popdose today:


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    "Beautiful Friction" is amazing! I can't stop listening to it, what a great album! Great job guys!!


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    Cool Loving the excitement

    Loving the excitement from everyone of the new CD! I cannot wait until I get off of work to listen to it on my way home! The boys never disappoint do they??!

    Hope all is well with everyone!


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    The Hankster gives it a B or 3 out of 4 stars
    Songs dowloaded in particular order
    Take a Risk
    What God
    Foloow that Cab
    Girl with no Ceiling
    We'll know for the first time
    If we're evil or divine
    We're the last in line

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    It's REALLY Good.
    Right off the bat my faves are Girl With No Ceiling, What God, Just Before Dawn, & Beautiful Friction.

    Oh, and Take a Risk could easily be played on alternative radio alongside The Killers, Franz Ferdinand, and all those types of bands. Take a Risk fits right in that genre.

    More words later.
    I'm being called to dinner.

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    AMAZING album gentlemen!!!!

    It's an instant classic. It sounds new and familiar at the same time.
    I'm so glad I got to hear the first half of the album live. Now that I have heard the whole CD multiple times today, I can't wait to see you live again. Hope you make another stop in NY.

    Beautiful Friction is my favorite track so far.

    Thanks guys, for my new favorite album of the year. It was well worth the wait!!!
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    Thumbs up My thoughts

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    Still Marinating, Like It Though

    Got my copy on Monday from Amazon pre-order. Songs are still sinking in, like the overall vibe of album, just happy as hell to have the new CD. Can't wait to see them in Allentown, PA. Haven't seen them since '08 in Middletown, DE. The show that never happened.(Inside joke for the 12 people who actually saw the show.

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    Quote Originally Posted by murph64 View Post
    The show that never happened.(Inside joke for the 12 people who actually saw the show.
    Hey Murph, I wasn't there too! :-)

    Hope you enjoy your gig!

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    I'm really thankful for iTunes (never thought I'd ever say that!!) -- otherwise I'd be waiting until some time in August to hear the album...

    On Tuesday, I went to and ordered a copy of the CD. I also wanted to hear it right away, so I went to to buy the MP3's -- but they're not available to buy outside the US. Fine, I bought the album through iTunes...

    After several listens (up to a dozen or so, so far) I felt the need to share the disc with family and friends; I went back to and ordered 5 more copies (along with a pre-order of the vinyl). "Ships in 1 to 2 months." WTF...

    So I checked the status of the original order this morning, and it won't be shipping until AT LEAST August 1... Grrr...

    Reminds me of when I bought "The Fixx: Live In The USA" VHS tape back in the mid-80's, and it was backorderd for 6 months; when I got it in the mail, I had forgotten that I had ordered it!!

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    Nice Return To Form

    Been reading the forum, but it's been so long since I posted I am amazed I remembered my login and password. At least that part of my mind isn't gone yet. Downloaded Beautiful Friction from Itunes, but took a few days to get a full listen since my in my first download the last 2 minutes of half of the songs were missing.

    IMHO, Beautiful Friction is easily the best recording by the Fixx since the 80's, and it may eventually turn out to be my favorite Fixx album. Beautiful Friction is heavy on atmosphere and aesthetics, which is what I enjoy about The Fixx's music. The band do it all here - from moody and brooding to punchy, heavy rock. The guys really nailed this one. Not that I didn't enjoy Want That Life (love Are You Satisfied? and Roger And Out), but Beautiful Friction blows it out of the water. So far there are quite a few favorite tracks: Follow That Cab, Take A Risk, Second Time Around, Something Ahead Of You, Girl With No Ceiling, Small Thoughts, and Anyone Else are all amazing. Keep up the great work. I'm looking forward to seeing the band in Denver at the Hard Rock on Aug 18th, I will be taking my son and daughter to the show also. Both are big fans of older (according to them) music.
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    An incredible Album. Where can we find the lyrics?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dana View Post
    An incredible Album. Where can we find the lyrics?

    Do what us old-schoolers do and pick up the CD!

    Got mine today, still digesting it but all is good. I'm hearing the full "flow" from Shuttered Room right through to Want That Life...elements of all the albums are there and maybe, just maybe, a little bit more.

    I'm so glad we have this band and this music especially in these times.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dana View Post
    An incredible Album. Where can we find the lyrics?
    The lyrics are included in the CD Booklet.

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    Yup. If you're a fan, get the CD. It sounds much better than the download.

    Having waited so long for a new Fixx, I was wary of what would come out. This album is really good. I'll write an album review if I ever get around to putting together some ideas. There are already some good reviews on Amazon, including Bash's.

    What's making that squeaky wheel noise after the song "Beautiful Friction"?
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