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Thread: "ANYONE ELSE" Video

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    After Ten Years a powerful video

    I can only say that I sat with tears as I watched this beautifully shot and incredibly powerful video. Say what you will, but equality is for all people and I have been proud of what the Fixx stand for politically for the last few decades. Well worth the wait. And during an election year, there are some things we all need to think about. Do not treat another the way you do not wish to be treated.... some of you now that phrase in a different way. But the message is true for all humanity and for all the world.

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    Cy wants our help!

    Hi all,
    Cy's been posting on facebook asking fans for help in promoting the new album: "ok you guys.. it's your turn to spread the word far and wide. repost anything relevant to the fixx release.. we need all hands on deck. make some love noises and watch the flower bloom. as I'm typing "red skies" just came on the radio outside. Im taking it as a sign of connectedness with the universe. OMMMMMMMM"

    So, let's help make Beautiful Friction the hit it is! Grassroots promo effort--so many ways we can do this. As Nick Jackson said, "Bloody right! Let's hit every Occupy forum, gay forums, websites with the Anyone Else video. The message is right, the moment is right. Let's go for it!"

    Post on facebook (your wall, other pages), twitter, websites and forums, youtube, email, etc. And, let the music speak for itself--share it with your friends and family; gather some new Fixx fans and remind people that they're still producing and touring!

    Here are some links to make it easy:

    ... Anyone Else:

    Article with samples of songs:

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