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Thread: Ships Are Safe In Harbour

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    Ships Are Safe In Harbour

    Finally, I have managed to get the Japanese Ink CD at a decent price!

    I made a compilation CD of various tracks from Steve Pariseau's downloads but it wasn't enough - I simply had to have "Shipsafe" as released. Been looking on and off for ages so hope it arrives soon - Beautiful Friction will, of course, tide me over nicely.

    Anyway, the point of this thread is that, whilst searching for said item, I came across a cool little blog piece about the song and, indeed, The FIXX in general. Hope you like it:

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    I really love the side with all these Steve Pariseau's downloads. It is a great collection of rare tracks. I wish Steve would go on with that. I asked him a few month ago and he told me that for different reasons he is not able to do so at the moment.

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