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Thread: theFIXX video game ?

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    Cool theFIXX video game ?

    Hi, i am a game developer and have published 5 full games already. You can play them for free here and my website is: So, my idea or offer is to make a video game featuring theFIXX and make it available to the public. That is only if im allowed to with theFIXX's permission and it is to their liking. I have no clue on what the video game would be about or the details about it yet. But this idea might be a good idea to promote theFIXX ? David Bowie was featured in a video game called OMIKRON link here and there are many other bands whom have been featured in a video game.Another video game featuring bands is Twisted Metal link hereI don't know if i am worthy enough to make a video game for theFIXX , but i am sure as hell willing to try it for free if they give the okay. What do you all think of this idea ?

    edit*** incase you might want to know how long it takes me to make one of the 5 games i published... it took an average of 2 months per game with a basic idea of what i wanted the game to be b4 i started making it ...also i was the only one making the games... so if i was to make a game for this halloween, now would be the ideal time to start so that it would be ready on halloween and even a month early

    edit#2 ** i can also make this video game a PC standalone game meaning you would not have to play it online through the webbrowser ..actually i have found that a PC standalone game is the best solution since the quality becomes superb and has no size limits.. so the full game could be like 5gb and a download link for it could be made for all to download it and play it ! but i can also do both webbrowser or pc standalone but the webbrowser game would have to be limited in size
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