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Thread: Calling all Chicago & Midwest Fixx fans

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    Quote Originally Posted by dejapete View Post
    I'll be in Skokie, too. Maybe I'll see some of you there.
    Look for me. I'll try to be in my usual spot between Cy and Jamie.

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    ....that's can't...this keyboard is pissing me off!
    carry on~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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    Skokie show

    The Skokie show was awesome - great crowd, outdoors, and Cy in a playful mood. The set was 17 songs, 94 minutes. It was actually 18, but they had to cut Are We Ourselves from the set list due to time restrictions - had to be done at 10:00 - that's a guess on my part, but it was on the set list They played Yesterday, Today which they did not play in Milwaukee. Six songs from Beautiful Friction, including Shaman as the first song during the encore. The funny thing is, I think they could play the other five songs from the album and they would still make me (and many others happy - they are all sooooo good!)

    Someone shouted for Follow that Cab, and who knows....maybe they will add it to the set at some point - it is one of my favorites. One guy shouted during the show, 'you guys are the 2nd best band of all time, after the Stones! You're better than The Beatles!' Cy also did the little snippet from Tina Turner's Better Be Good To Me during Secret Separation. It was great to see and talk to other Fixxtures before and after the show. The crowd did a nice job on the chorus during the big songs. It was my hand that Cy shook during How Much Is Enough - 'someone put your hand in mine' - same thing happened in Milwaukee. Milwaukee was left hand, Skokie right hand. I guess Cy is ambidextrous. Saturday was the culmination of my 3 day Fixxfest - Milwaukee, Chicago live taping for JBTV, then Skokie. Thanks to The Fixx for making and playing great music! Go see them!

    Deeper And Deeper
    Anyone Else
    Just Before Dawn
    Take A Risk
    How Much Is Enough?
    Driven Out
    Beautiful Friction
    What God?
    Yesterday, Today
    One Fixx Concert Leads To Another
    Less Cities, More Moving People
    Stand Or Fall
    Fatal Shore
    Saved By Zero

    Red Skies
    Are We Ourselves? (not played)
    Secret Separation

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