I saw Roger Hodgson one of the original song writers and singers from Supertramp in Atlantic City last night. Roger last toured with Supertramp in 1983. Turns out that The Fixx was the opening act for some of that tour. Supertramp introduced their fans to The Fixx and I have been hooked on The Fixx ever since. Funny how in 2012 I would see both of my all time favorites in concert. Roger at 62 years of age pulled off a great show along with a 4 piece band. He played 16 songs from his catalog of solo albums as well as his penned Supertramp classics like The Logical Song, Take The Long Way Home, Give A Little Bit and Dreamer. I sat with my older brother 2nd row center stage. To be this close to one of my favorite performers was a dream come true for me. This guy plays his guitar beautifully just like the original songs that he recorded. To be so close and to see his fingers moving on the threats of his guitar was beautiful to see. When at the keyboards I had no visual so I just sat and listened to his great playing. This guys song stories are on the same playing field as The Fixx. Album titles like Crime of the Century, Crisis, What Crisis? and In The Eye of the Storm are firmilar themes of disconnect with what is going on in this crazy world we live in. Now we have the new Fixx cd singing about these same never ending themes. Thanks for reading this.