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Thread: One Thing Leads to Another....

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    One Thing Leads to Another....

    This week 29 years ago "One Things Leads to Another" debuted on the Billboard Singles Charts at #65. It would follow this chart trajectory:

    8/27/83 - - #65
    9/3/83 - - #45 (twenty notches in week 2... must have been about this time the band realized they had a major hit on their hands)
    9/10/83 - - #38
    9/17/83 - - #29
    9/24/83 - - #21
    10/1/83 - - #17 (here it becomes the band's biggest hit thus far, surpassing the #20 peak of "Saved by Zero")
    10/8/83 - - #9
    10/15/83 - - #6
    10/22/83 - - #6
    10/29/83 - - #5
    11/5/83 - - #4 (here it reaches its peak. The rest of the top 5 this week? 1. "Islands in the Stream" by Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton. #2 "All Night Long" by Lionel Richie. #3 "Total Eclipse of the Heart" by Bonnie Tyler. #5 "Uptown Girl" by Billy Joel)
    11/12/83 - - #6
    11/19/83 - - #8
    11/26/83 - - #15 (follow-up single "The Sign of Fire" debuts this week at #75. It would eventually peak at #32).
    12/3/83 - - #26
    12/10/83 - - #42
    12/17/83 - - #82
    12/24/83 - - #94
    12/31/83 - - #94

    19 weeks on the Hot 100 (stayed in the charts from August through the end of 1983). 7 weeks in the Top 10, and peaking at #4. Heavy rotation on MTV - one of the most iconic songs and videos of the early 80s.

    What do folks think about this song 29 years later? I still love it. I know it's their most-played track, but there is a reason for that. It sounds incredibly fresh and vital even today - - it rocks. It's such an unusual song to be such a big hit. I've always thought it was oddly non-commercial in the typical sense, and yet somehow it connected with a massive amount of people. It must have been a thrill for the band to have success on such a large scale with this track. I wonder what they think of it now, and if they still enjoy playing it. I wonder if they were surprised or taken aback by its success. It's a perfect single, in my opinion. Can still blast it through the speakers and enjoy it as much now as I did when I was a 12 year old kid playing it the 45 over and over again (and of course the b-side, "Opinions".) I was a fan of The Fixx when I saw the videos for "Red Skies" and "STand or Fall" on MTV - they really intrigued me. Then I loved "Saved by Zero" - but it was really "One Thing Leads to Another" that took my fandom to the next level, where it has stayed ever since

    Any remembrances and/or thoughts about this classic single?
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    One Thing Leads To Another is THE song for me. It is the song that got me to like The Fixx, then love The Fixx. It is my all time favorite song, and because of that song, The Fixx became (and still is) my favorite group. I was 15 at the time, and bought Reach The Beach on cassette. I now have 3 copies of 'Beach on CD, including the one with the bonus tracks. I remember thinking how they sounded different than the other music I listened to. 'Beach had always been my favorite album by The Fixx, but now, Beautiful Friction has surpassed it.

    Every time I see them in concert (around 25 times), I still look forward to it when they play it, and I get chills when I hear Jamie playing the opening notes. That guitar riff is my favorite sound. I know others would be ok if they skipped it in concert because they have heard it many times, but it is important for them to play it. Not for us, necessarily, but for the casual fan that has never seen them in concert and may only know a couple of songs - probably OTLTA and Saved by Zero.

    Sometime in 84, my family was driving through Madison, WI, and WIBA 101.5 played a block of The Fixx, including a song I had never heard before and it was awesome! I thought it was a new song from a new album, but it was Stand Or Fall, so I bought Shuttered Room, then Phantoms, and everything else they have released, including Live In The USA on VHS, and the live DVD In The Public Eye. The funny thing is, this tour, I have looked forward more to hearing all of the songs on Beautiful Friction more than OTLTA - it is just an incredible album!

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    Quote Originally Posted by bandit View Post
    Any remembrances and/or thoughts about this classic single?
    Yep...I remember it being played at the skating rink, too. I was 11 years old and didn't really know who they MTV for another nearly 4 years for me. I liked OTLTA, then a little while later loved SBZ and Are We...still not connecting this was the same band. Finally, in 1986 for Walkabout, I got the picture. We finally had MTV and the local AOR station would play entire albums on the to hear Walkabout & Shuttered Room then. Hooked ever since.

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    Cool 3 Videos of the Fixx

    Stand or Fall video introduced me to the Fixx, after seeing it I knew I like them, but didn't find Shuttered Room until later, I lived in a small mountain town in the Rockies and there was only one record store there they didn't have it (SR). I moved to Denver when Reach the Beach came out, I bought the cassette at Target. Ran it into the ground. Loved One Thing and Saved By. OTLTA was getting a lot of radio play. Then I saw the video to OTLTA, it really connected me to the band visually. I remember hearing One Thing on the radio, see a billboard advertising the band coming to Denver with A Flock of Seagulls(unfortunately I couldn't go) and all I could think of was the video. I moved back to Florida, then Phantoms came out. My favorite album of theirs. The video for Are We Ourselves was released. I really love that one, Cy and the guys out in the field with radar disc, Cy singing into a walkie talkie. Can't get any better than that. Still my favorite of all their videos.

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    Yes, this was my introduction to the band. The Shuttered Room album slipped past me somehow, I still can't explain that. Heard it on the radio and rocked to it repeatedly. Was in radio myself back then, worked with an Adult Contemporary station at that time. Located in Central Alabama. I felt like our AC format didn't have enough *punch* to it, so you can imagine my enjoyment of OTLTA. Yes, that opening guitar riff won me over immediately. Nice memories.

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    Thanks for the cool stories. Always nice to see how a particular song impacts someone, or how they were exposed to it.

    It really sounds like nothing else that was a Top 10 hit in the 80s. Totally unique vibe and it sounds amazingly fresh all these years later, as does much of their work.

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