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Thread: Show in Essex Junction, Vermont

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    Show in Essex Junction, Vermont

    I attended the show last night in Essex Junction, Vermont, and it was bittersweet. First, the positive: the guys sounded incredible. The venue was a large outdoor state fair arena, and the music really sounds great sailing through the early evening air. The gorgeous sunset that accompanied Red Skies was pretty magical. The band did an outstanding job.

    Unfortunately, on this evening, The Fixx were a "special guest" of the J. Geils Band (who also put on a GREAT show), which, as Cy put it, meant the "drew the short straw," and the set was limited to 10 songs; mostly the hits. The setlist (from memory) is below. Really wanted to hear most of the new stuff live (especially Shaman and Take a Risk) because I've heard the others on numerous occasions but, alas, it wasn't meant to be. Also, the crowd was a bit late-arriving (mostly a J. Geils crowd), which was a bit distracting as the band performed there set. Finally, my wife's favorite song, Secret Separation, typically a staple, wasn't played. Still great to have them just a mile from home. Thanks again.

    Setlist 8/26/12 (from memory):

    Deeper and Deeper
    Anyone Else
    How Much is Enough
    Driven Out
    Beautiful Friction
    One Thing Leads to Another
    Stand or Fall
    Fatal Shore
    Saved by Zero
    Red Skies
    "I don't think that he should take The Strain"

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    vermont show

    My wife and I were there too. drove up from Connecticut. We felt the same way. But it was good to hear Beautiful Friction...did a great job and sthe sound was excellent.

    I'm hoping things will be different at the Madison Ct show. I like it better when everyone there is there for one reason..... to see the Fixx

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